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7 Things No One Tells You About First-Time Sex

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Things have been going well *touch wood*. You’ve been on plenty dates to be sure of each other and now every time you both are alone, there is an undeniable tension in the air. Things have also progressed in the physical department and it looks like sex is finally on the cards. So you think, “Let’s do this!” Hold on ladies, let’s set a few expectations before you go around building up the act in the your head. Here are 7 things about first time sex that you will definitely want to know.

While you may have imagined a night long of passion and desire, the entire act may not last longer than a song. Or two at most, if you’re lucky! And yes, that’s foreplay included. What we are saying is, it’s nothing like the movies and if you’re expecting the whole act to go on for hours at an end, you are going to end up very, very dissatisfied. Literally.

You know how they say there’s ‘No pain, no gain?’ Yeah that’s true for sex as well. The first time isn’t all roses and violins as projected in the movies. So it’s okay to expect and experience a little pain prior to the pleasure. We aren’t talking doubling over, gut-wrenching kind of pain, but a little. That’s okay.  But nothing to worry about, just a first time standard issue! This even comes in the manual.

We all know the hows and the whats of sex, getting all our information from reliable sources like the internet and friends but it’s important to know that there’s a chance you’re going to need a lubricant for that first time. It is all good and honestly, ideal if you don’t feel the need, but don’t be afraid to go for it just cuz you’re embarrassed. If anything, it heightens the experience and who doesn’t want that?

Trying masturbation before you actually consider going all out and having sex could be a blessing for you. It is always good to explore and find out what you do or don’t like for you to be able to guide him through. Because honestly, guys like it and who are we kidding, they need it too!

As for expecting to meet and greet an alert soldier on the field like in the movies…you might just have to work a little for it! Hence, foreplay = Very important. And it goes both ways, yes.

Changing positions or rather trying to do it, might seem very fancy and exotic. But during your first time, it can be a little tedious. And sometimes, instead of being sensual, you might feel like you’re engaged in some sort of  aerobic activity. Save the adventures for a little later, when you’re both more comfortable with each other.

Counting down to that big O might disappoint you. While it’s amazing to want to orgasm the very first time you’re having sex, it is highly unlikely it would happen. So don’t lose hope, and don’t fake it for your beau. He needs to know how to do better and who knows, if you’re lucky, he’ll blow your mind the next time around!


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