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7 Telltale Signs You Are An Incurable Workaholic

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If you’ve wondered “Am I a workaholic?” and actually spent time considering this, know that you are already one. It’s a confirmation if you have a Google search for this. But say, you think, ‘Surely, I haven’t crossed over to the other side.” We have bad news, my friend.  Here are 7 telltale signs that might just help you clear your doubts.

1.You struggle with conversations that do not involve work. Every party, first date, dinner table conversation HAS to somehow be related to work.

2. You are unclear about office timings. You come in early to settle in properly, because you can focus better with less people around. And you leave late because you’d rather plan, organise and put things in motion for the next day. You’ve not seen day light in a while.

3. You are stumped by the concept of work-life balance. The lines between work and life have become so blurry that you have, on more than one occasion called your boss, ‘Mom’

4. Everything in your shopping cart and closet is office wear. Who needs fancy date night clothes when you know you’d be coming from a work meeting and most probably be running late?

5. Your travel kit may or may not include a sunscreen, but it will always include the charger to your laptop, your notepad and long list of targets you need to meet!

6. You have no real hobbies. Your hobbies include reading reports while running on the treadmill and binge watching work-related seminars over the weekends.

7. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been running a temperature or been sneezing like crazy, you will come to office, work and probably infect a few other colleagues while you’re at it. Like Monica Geller said, ‘Getting sick is for weaklings, it’s for the pansies!’


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