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7 Smartphone Hacks That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier!

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If there’s one thing no millennial can do without, it’s their smartphone. We literally take it with us to the bathroom, because FOMO. We blow up a small fortune on a fancy phone, spend all day on it, and are completely handicapped if it dies on us! Well, given the addiction, we might as well learn a few smartphone hacks that could enhance the everyday experience tremendously, and make life much, much easier!

1. Shorten your smartphone cable: If your charging cable is always getting stuck in drawers or taking too much of your desk space, then use this trick shorten it.

2. Create a stand for your smartphone: Most of the time, our phones are hanging off the table since the cable doesn’t meet the desired length. Create this cute phone stand, which can also be doubled as a decor element.

3. Create a smartphone projector: Yes, you read right. For those slumber parties when you and your besties want to watch The Notebook for the millionth time.

4. Learn how to open the SIM card slot without the pin: Keeping a track on the pin that comes with the phone to open the SIM card slot can be quite a task. Instead, use this trick to open the slot anytime anywhere.

5. Make a funky DIY phone cover: This trick is the best to match the colour of your phone with any outfit you wear. All you need is colourful balloons!

6. Prevent damage from moisture: If your phone gets wet while you’re listening to music in the shower or you have a monsoon disaster, then this trick will definitely prevent your phone from getting damaged.

7. Use a phone armband at the gym: Instead of sticking your phone in your sports bra while you are doing squats and lunges at the gym, make your own phone armband. It will free your hands up to really break a sweat.


Hauterfly's Content Writer and Video Producer, Kreena is a sucker for all things DIY. In love with nail art, beauty, fashion, textiles, and all things creative under the sun, she follows the mantra: Why buy, when you can DIY?!

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