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7 Signs You’ve Been With Him For Way Too Long

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Let’s be honest. When you’ve been in a relationship for way too long, things can get monotonous, slightly less exciting, and well, DIFFERENT. But you are still with him because you love him to the moon and back, no? You both are a little too familiar with each other, and can complete each other’s sentences, but you are still head over heels in love!

Well, here are signs that you’ve been with him for way too long!


1. All manners go out the window! You realize that farting and burping in front of each other is no big deal.


2. Bonding with his family is off the charts. You may notice that your phone call log is filled by his family members.


3. His hobbies become your hobbies. When you end up watching the same type of movies, have the same songs on your music playlist, and even support the same IPL team… Like, when are you going to start wearing the same coloured clothes… erm… or you already do?


4. Honesty is your ONLY policy. You realise there is no point asking him if you look fat in your pink top, because you know he will be nothing but honest with you, and you will end up grabbing the black top from your closet. So the next time you want his opinion, it might just be about the weather forecast.


5. You get comfortable in your own skin, like literally! Your waxing appointment was a month ago, and your parlour aunty still calls to ask you when you’re coming in.


6. You fight over pointless topics. Keeping the toilet seat up or down, putting the toaster away after using it, and even putting the milk carton on the right side of the fridge compartment… that’s what your fights are about.


7. You’ve developed habits you never thought were possible. And yes, you don’t mind eating food from the same plate to avoid dirty dishes. It’s a mutual understanding.


8. You can predict his response, and he can do the same for you. You practically complete each other’s sentences too.


9. You both are so secure in the relationship that you don’t get overly jealous, possessive or insecure at the mention of another guy’s/ girl’s name.

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