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7 Signs He’s Ready For A Serious Relationship

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Every relationship has stages. We all know not to talk ‘marriage’ on the first date, or meet his parents without being sure that you both are serious! But how do you decide when it’s time to take things to the next level? How do you know if he’s really ready for a serious relationship?

Well, he can’t keep his intentions hidden for long. He’s bound to give you some tell-tale signs, you just have to be ready to read them.

Here are 7 signs he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level. P.S. Read till the end before you freak out 🙂

He makes you meet ALL his friends

1. He makes you meet ALL his friends

Has he officially introduced you to all his friends, from his chaddi buddies to his college friends, and even his work pals? Like bruh, can you even remember half of their names?

2. He talks about the future, and includes you in his plans

He probaly hasn’t opened a joint bank account for you both yet, but have you guys discussed finances, moving to a different city, and potential baby names? Well, girl, he’s definitely thinking of a future with you.

7 Signs He Wants to Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

3. He makes space for you at his house

Do you already have your own little drawer at his place, and has your toothbrush found a permanent place in his bathroom? If he willingly lets you encroach upon his space (read: his bedroom, his closet and even his bathroom), that’s it! He’s ready to take things to the next level.

4. He makes plans around you and your mood

There will be some days when you just want to cuddle up and watch a movie, and other days when you want to go dancing… either way, he’s down for whatever you want. If he makes plans around your mood, and includes your friends in the plans too occasionally, this guy is for keeps!

He tells his family about you

5. He tells his family about you

Telling your parents about your partner definitely has some weight attached to it. So if he has told his parents about how great you are, what a successful career you have, and how they’ll get along with you just fine… then yeah!

6. All of a sudden he shows you cute pictures of kids

It could be his niece or nephew, or some random kid on the Internet. But if he’s showing you cute kids while you two are chilling at home, that maybe a little hint that he’s getting serious.

You sleepover at his house and don't have sex

7. When you sleep over at his house, you actually sleep!

If you can hang at his place, and even stay the night without him wanting to getting into your pants, you know this is not just casual anymore.


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