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7 Popularly Believed Myths About Breasts, Debunked

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When it comes to women’s bodies, it no secret that the world gets just a little intimidated. So, it stands to reason that despite the fact that fifty percent of the population carries them, the world doesn’t really know a lot of things about breasts. In fact, a lot of women also don’t know a lot about their breasts. That is probably why even though the world has progressed ten folds, but we still believe in a few myths about breasts that we might have heard from our mothers and grandmothers. So, in the spirit of Breast Awareness Month, we are here to separate fiction from fact. In the hope that women everywhere will stop living by these myths and start doing right by their bodies. Read on and be ready to be demystified!

Myth 1: You should absolutely not sleep with a bra on. Or that your sleeping position might be the reason for uneven boobs

You have probably heard that you should never ever sleep with a bra on. But we are here to tell you, that is nothing but a myth. The fact is, it is highly uncomfortable but if you are accustomed to that, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t sleep with a bra on. Maybe, avoid your everyday underwired bras and try a soft cotton bra. Another thing that is quite popularly believed is the fact that your sleeping position is the reason you have uneven boobs. Which again, is a myth. Almost every woman has uneven boobs, it is not visibly different maybe just about one-fifth of a cup size. And the way you sleep has nothing to do with it.

Myth 2: Boobs stop growing after you hit adulthood

Yep, this one is also widely believed but it is a myth! A woman’s breast size keeps fluctuating throughout her life. Puberty begins the process, but it doesn’t end once you hit adulthood. Boob sizes keep changing. There are many factors that affect it- genetics, hormonal changes, lifestyle choice etc etc.

Myth 3: Gaining weight makes your boob size grow

Again, just a myth! It isn’t at all necessary that weight gain leads to bigger boobs. When you gain weight, fat gets accumulated in various parts of your body- your thighs, ass, arms, and even your face sometimes. So it is not necessary that by putting on a few kilos, your boobs will grow too.

Myth4: Breastfeeding leads to saggy boobs

Breastfeeding does not lead to saggy boobs. Pregnancy might make your boobs saggy but post-natal breastfeeding does not. Another thing that does lead to saggy breasts is age and your lifestyle choices. The bottom line is if you breastfeed your child or not, because of pregnancy your boobs are going to sag a little.

Myth 5: You don’t need to wear a sports bra if you have small boobs

The need for sports bras has nothing to do with the size of your breasts. Sports bras are for support and no matter what your bra size, you need good support especially during vigorous exercise. If you wear a wrong bra while working out, the kind without enough support you might just damage your ligaments making your boobs droopy. So small-breasted people, please wear sports bras that are fitted to your size.

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Myth 6: Bras cause breast cancer

Surprisingly, this myth is very commonly believed. It stems from the belief that bras are too tight which restricts the movement of blood and lymph fluid which causes toxins to build up, resulting in increased chances of breast cancer. But this is entire untrue,  and has not been proven. Bras, underwired or not, do increase your chances of developing breast cancer so do not worry and continue wearing bras that keep your twins perky. If your bra is too small for you or too tight it may cause major discomfort and chafing at the most, but definitely not cancer.

Myth 7: You can exercise your way to bigger or small boobs

How many times have you heard someone say that these exercises can increase or decrease in boob size? Please don’t believe them! Exercising does not help you increase or decrease boob size because boobs are essentially tissue and not muscles. There are muscles present but there is fat a layer of adipose tissue covering it. So exercising might help change your size by a tad bit but there will never be a drastic difference.

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