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7 Phrases Every Woman Needs To Stop Saying At Her Workplace. You’re Good Enough Girl!

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Theoretically, we have evolved. We have come a long way since women were only meant to stay in the kitchen. As thankful as we are for that, there are a few traits that have stayed with us through our evolution. Women were created to be nurturing yet strong, but somewhere along the way, we have been classically conditioned to believe we must not occupy more space than required and that is what reflects in most our behaviours while we are work. Unknowingly, of course, we undermine ourselves and subtly hurt our own self-esteem. Needless to say, that needs to change immediately, more so if you are in a leadership position. There are so many people already waiting to do just that, don’t do it to yourself. So, let’s start small, shall we? Here are a few phrases that you need to stop saying at work ASAP. Check it out!

  1. “I’m so sorry!”

The amount of times, women say “I’m sorry,” will really surprise you. While you might think apologizing at every small thing might make you seem nice and humble, to the opposite person you come off as a little bit of a pushover. Over apologizing not only lowers your own self-esteem a little but also discredits you for when you actually must say sorry. Moral of the story? Stop apologising unnecessarily.

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  1. “Maybe it is stupid, but…”

It is NOT stupid! At a workplace, no idea is a stupid or silly one. Believe in your ideas and put them forward with confidence. If your bosses do not like it, they will tell you. But if you begin your sentence with “Maybe it is stupid,” people you are pitching the idea to, will perceive it as stupid even before you’ve started.

  1. “I might be wrong, sir!”

Frankly, I have never understood why women have such an intrinsic urge to put themselves down. If you have made a mistake, own up to it but do not discredit yourself in the beginning only by saying you might be wrong. You are unknowingly doing yourself a disservice. And you shouldn’t.

  1. “I’m no expert at this, but…”

Saying this doesn’t make you sound humble or like you aren’t a know-it-all. All it does is further undermines your word, especially if you are in a position of leadership. You might not be an expert at everything but maybe your idea is out of the box. And you don’t need to be on expert on everything anyway. Nobody expects that.

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  1. “I, umm kind of think…”

Why are you hesitating, girl? Speak your mind! If you think something is wrong, say so. If you have a solution to a problem or just an idea at a brainstorming session, voice it out confidently. No one is going to think less of you if you’re confident, don’t let anyone put you down. More than that, don’t put yourself down.

  1. “Well, it’s okay my idea wouldn’t have worked anyway”

Did you try it out? Or did you at least convey your idea? If not, then on what basis did you assume it wouldn’t have worked? Don’t be dismissive of yourself like that. Like I said, there are like a hundred people out there who want to do just that. If your idea doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but at least then you know you tried it out.

  1. “Does that make sense?”

Yes, of course, that makes sense! Unless you’ve said something super stupid, stop doubting yourself. Self-doubt is not a pretty shade on any woman, ever. Be sure of yourself no matter how condescending the people around you are. If you demean yourself, other people will too!

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