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7 Monsoon Hacks You Need To Sail Through Rainy Season!

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A perfect monsoon afternoon is when you can sit by the window, sipping a cup of tea, and listening to breezy music in the background. That’d be perfect but that’s probably not happening, because life. Monsoon was my favourite season ever! That was until I started using public transport to college and work! The struggles of commuting through the city in a city cab or the local is quite a task, and let’s not forget the fact that all your clothes get wet, the umbrella gets stuck or blown out of sight, and that your hair and makeup are pretty much doing their own thing.

Let’s face it. Monsoon is romantic only till your hair isn’t matted around your face and you’re not wet down to your inner wear. Here are a few hacks which will make your life a bit easy this season. Or well, bearable.

1. Put your wet phone in a bucket of rice

When your phone conks off due to excess water from the rain , go home as soon as possible and dip your phone in a bucket of rice so that all the moisture is absorbed. Leave it there despite the temptation to check it every couple of hours and you might be able to salvage your device.

2. Put a few cloves and naphthalene balls in the closet

While you can work on your breath and body odour, clothes are the one thing that won’t smell good in this damp season. To ensure people’s noses aren’t assaulted,  keep some cloves and naphthalene balls in your closet.

3. Rub candle wax on your shoes

Cloth-based footwear seem to be quite troublesome, and possibly the worst pick for the monsoons. But, there’s also fashion and you can’t keep compromising. If you must wear sneakers as you wade across the city, make them waterproof by rubbing candle wax on the entire surface in order to create a barrier.

4. Apply hand cream to tame your hair

Frizzy hair seems to be number one on the monsoon woes list. So grab some hand cream from your bag and tame away your frizz instantly. Also, your hair smells better so that’s an added bonus.

5. Use anti-fungal cream to keep your feet clean and fungus free

If your feet are wet all day, you will not only catch cold but also have stinky feet. Eeww. Wet socks and shoes on your feet can be a breeding ground for a fungal infection. So nip it in the bud before it makes an appearance.  Apply an anti-fungal cream twice a day, especially on areas that are likely to stay wet or damp.

6. Plant tulsi & mint plants on the doors and windows

In order to keep flies and insects away, plant a tulsi or mint plant by the doors and windows. You can even hang some lemon and chilies by the door. That should keep these pesky insects at bay.

7. Ball up newspaper into wet shoes

Nobody has driers in India. I mean, practically nobody. And so we have to hack our way through monsoon to dry up shoes, clothes etc. For footwear, ball up some old newspapers in wet shoes to draw out the moisture, leave them in and it should dry up in a bit.


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