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7 Hilarious Yet Relatable Thoughts We All Have About Wednesdays

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Whoever thought of dividing the week into two unequal parts – 5 days work and 2 days of crying about the same- clearly did not deserve to be allowed any sort of power over anything. Because they did not take into account our enthusiasm, or lack thereof, for slaving at our desks, eyes glazed over, fantasising about the weekend in the comfort of our beds.

In a perfect world, on a fine Wednesday, we’d be thinking about our targets and what more to achieve by the end of the week, but like realists, and well, millennials, we’d rather spend our precious time thinking more important things like these.

Just two more days till I can go MIA

No phone calls. No emails. No communication. Because you can’t wait to not see your colleagues after having to give them fake work smiles and exchanging awkward elevator greetings all week long!

What? It’s only Wednesday?

First of all, what is this day? Neither here nor there? I can make memes about Monday and Friday but Wednesday? It just sits there. Doing nothing.

Just gonna procrastinate this for Friday until I can officially push this for Monday

It’s the time when we pull up our socks to ace our pretend-work game! Hide this file here, stash this folder there and there you go, all ready to push the deadlines another week! Such procrastination, much wow.

Mid-week is the new weekend! Where are we getting drinks tonight?

Because surviving 3 consecutive days at work definitely seems like a good enough reason to splurge and drown yourself in celebratory drinks! Who’s up for some shots and a terrible morning-after hangovers?

Can I have two cheat days in a week?

Being healthy is a task, but being on a diet is another level of a chore. Something we share a love and hate relationship with. And even though most would save their cheat days for the weekends, Wednesday seems like a good day to start building up to the idea! One bite never hurt anybody, right?

Weekend is almost here, time to make plans!

For the uber-enthusiastic and for the itchy ones that need to lay down their plans of shopping and catching up way before the day rolls around, this is the day to start planning. Alternately, you feel good about spending your day chained to your desk!

How about another work from home?

If only we got a penny for every time we thought of this, we would be rolling in some serious money. After all, an extended weekend is too tempting an option to not go for! Because everyone knows what work from home really means, right? Hello Netflix!


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