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7 Hilarious Types Of People You Meet At The Gym

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My best friend is a gym enthusiast so she used to drag me to her gym almost every day. So she would work out and I used to watch her awesome sitting on a bench. One fine day, I gave in and signed myself up. Like anybody else, I started with a lot of enthusiasm, swearing that this time I will be regular. Except I hated it with a passion. The only thing I actually loved was spinning. And to my trainer’s dismay I spent most of my time on the cycle. Eventually, I got bored, so I started observing other gym-goers to keep myself entertained. Day after day I realised, as I observed, that you can classify the people at the gym into a few types. I know putting people in boxes is not ideal, but well, these are the rules, not exceptions! So, next time you hit the gym, you too can be entertained identifying the types. Here are some that I found at my gym. Also, FYI, I belong to an 8th kind –  the Observer!

  1. The Instagrammer

Most people attend the gym to sweat it out. And unless you’re Kareena Kapoor, chances are you don’t look very pretty while at it. But then there those, who come fully dressed and with a few poses in mind. Why? Because they need to update their feed with gym photos! While you are standing on the brim of what can only feel like death, they are hogging the mirror fixing their hair and flexing. They are in the gym for a total of half an hour, most of which is spent splashing water on themselves to look extra sweaty for social media. We can all agree, they are supremely annoying. But think about it this way, their Instagram feeds might be motivating so many people to get fit.

  1. The Competitive one

You are running at your own pace on the treadmill, immersed in music and suddenly you notice your neighbour stealing glances at you. It slowly hits you that they are turning up their speed and the next thing you know, you’re in a treadmill race. Though you wonder what on earth is wrong with them, you participate anyway because you’re quite competitive yourself. After all, you know you can take them or can you?

  1. The Grunter

Imagine this- you walk into the gym super early and there is no one around. You are obviously over the moon since you have successfully avoided the crowd. Though, just as you begin, someone walks in. There is plenty of equipment so up until now, it’s tolerable. Then the noises start, at first it is low whimpering like a scared animal. But as their workout intensifies, the noises start sounding like a horse is delivering a baby. Yes, you want to stuff cotton balls in their mouth, but you know the only way around this is to plug in earphones and crank the music volume as high as it can go. If this too doesn’t drown them out, you need new earphones.


  1. The Muscle Man

We have all seen him, the guy who looks like Johnny Bravo. The ratio of their upper body to their lower body is totally off, you would think that would faze them out but nope. Most likely, they are the ones chugging a protein shake every three seconds trying to stay muscly. The gym serves as their place of worship and they take their workout super religiously. Having them around usually adds on to your daily motivation unless you’re easily intimidated.

  1. The Middle-Aged Hottie

Ah, such a sight to your sore eyes. They are usually the only ones in the gym over 40, giving us fitness goals to the maximum. While you are huffing and puffing your ass off trying to finish three sets of squats, there they are working out without breaking a sweat. And quite frankly, you can’t take your eyes off them.

  1. The Social Butterflies

There are various reasons why people go to the gym. Some go to become fit, some go just to join the fad. Then there is a whole different sect of people who go to socialise. You will see them huddled in a group giggling away while you struggle to breathe. If they approach you, turn away subtly or they will never stop talking about their recent trip or the restaurant they went to last night. If you pay heed, you never be able to get in a decent workout in again!

  1. The Excessive Sweater

Everyone sweats at the gym, that is the whole point. But there is always this one person that sweats a bucket. Agreed it is a little gross, but it’s cool until you have to use the equipment right after them because they completely neglect to wipe off any of the sweat. If you come across such a person, make them realise they need to start patting themselves off. Seriously!

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