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7 Food Items You Must Avoid During The Monsoon!

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The monsoon comes with a ton of puddles, some thunder and lightning, and a sizable portion of food cravings! Especially on those days when you’re all snuggled up on the couch with nothing much to do. Now, before your mind wanders off to the pakoras and samosas from the vendor down the street, or the piping hot Chinese food from that newly opened restaurant, you might want to stop it in its tracks.

The rainy season is wonderfully romantic, but it’s also that time when you’re likely to fall sick more easily. If you want to avoid running to the doctor every other week, then here are some foods you should avoid during the monsoon.

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-juice

1. Fruit juices from roadside vendors

The fruits laying on the carts of roadside vendors are a perfect spot to host a fly/ mosquito party, and the ice used in these fruit juices probably carries germs and bacteria. Let’s not forget the lid-less tubs of water they use to dilute the juices as well.

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-leafy vegetables

2. Leafy vegetables

You probably think I’m crazy for telling you to stop eating healthy stuff! But leafy veggies like spinach, methi etc grow in the mud. In the rainy season, washing this dirt off the leaves can be a challenge, and often germs still remain on them, leading to stomach infections.

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-sea food

3. Seafood

The monsoons are breeding season for prawns and fish, so it is best to avoid seafood during this season, especially scavengers. Try to stick to chicken and mutton to give into your cravings, or stick to the freshest variety of fish and take extra care to cook it properly.

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-pakoda

4. Fried foods

The highly humid monsoon weather causes our digestive system to slow down, which naturally makes pakoras, samosas and other fried foods less than ideal options. *bubble pops* Heavy foods like these could cause a tummy upset and bloating.

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-dairy product

5. Dairy Products

Dairy products perish at a faster rate when the weather is humid, and can easily turn bad. The nutritional value as well as the shelf life get affected when you consume dairy, so make sure to double check milk-based products before consuming them.

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-soda

6. Carbonated Drinks

Fizzy drinks reduce the minerals in your body, and hence reduce enzyme activity, which can weaken your digestive system. So instead of reaching for a Coke, keep a bottle of water or homemade nimbu paani in your bag, and maybe tea bags for a warm beverage?

inpost-foods to avoid in monsoon-bhel

7. Roadside Chaat

Water contamination is all too common in this rainy weather. The next time you want to have paani puri or bhel puri, think of those germs floating in it, which can cause jaundice or diarrhoea. A few moments of pleasure can land you in hospital for days. Trust me, you don’t want that.


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