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Struggling To Stay Fit? These Celebrities Show You How To Stay Motivated!

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Dragging your butt to the gym is probably one of those tasks you push to the end of the day, and then vow to make happen tomorrow! The latest episode of This Is Us is obviously too interesting to pass up, ’cause priorities! 

Staying motivated about fitness is getting more difficult by the day thanks to our busy lifestyles. But, Bollywood celebrities really seem to have it down. They are really on top of their game when it comes to fitness, and frankly, I could do with the inspo!

If you’re sailing in the same boat, take a look at how these Bollywood celebrities stay motivated. They make it look so easy-peasy!

1. Take up a fitness hobby.

Jacqueline Fernandez took up pole dancing, and it’s making us all go, “Oh no, she didn’t!” Give your hobby a shot, and you may just land up achieving your fitness goals this year! It’s a win-win!

2. Hire a trainer.

If you need someone to push you in order to go for that extra set of those push ups, you need to get a trainer! Deepika Padukone and Yasmin Karachiwala are in sync when it comes their workout routines.

3. Workout with a buddy.

Yes, celebrities can be best friends, and they do work out together as well! Watch how Katrina gets Alia to step up her squat game.

4. Make sure you’re having fun.

All work and no play makes fitness impossible! Dancing is a great way to burn the calories, and have fun while doing it. Disha Patani is on top of her fitness game with some kick-ass choreography.

5. Get outdoors.

If the gym is too restrictive, get your fitness fix outdoors! Go for a run and get some fresh air! It will keep you motivated and help you bust stress. Plus, check out how Milind Soman and get major #fitnessgoals!

6. Challenge yourself to achieve more than yesterday.

You don’t necessarily need to be a pro to feel motivated. Take small steps, and you will eventually get there. Alia is doing just that when it comes to the handstand game!

7. Allow yourself one cheat day.

What’s the point of working out, if you can’t indulge a little? Shilpa Shetty allows herself that weekly binge. Head on over to her Instagram to check out all her Sunday treats!


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