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6 Women Officers Make The Cut to 2019 UN Peace Keeping Mission and We Are Proud!

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From sports to entertainment to intellect, there is no field where women haven’t stepped up to the plate. And we have one more reason to celebrate. A total of 13 police personnel from Chandigarh sat before the selection board to make it to the 2019 United Nations Peace Keeping Mission. Out of those 13, 7 were male cops, 2 of which were high ranking inspectors. But no, that is not the important statistic here. The important statistic is that out of those 13, the six women there were, were the only ones to make the cut.

The six were chosen after a rigorous selection among 162 other officers from India who appeared for their services across several disturbed areas. The test that took place in September 2018, announced its results recently and the outcome has applauding with glee.

The DIG of Chandigarh Police, OP Mishra said, “It is a matter of pride for Chandigarh police that our six women police officers were selected for UN Peacekeeping Mission. Most of the UN missions these days are armed mission. My best wishes to all the selected candidates.”

Clearly the notion ‘women are no less’ will need to be tweaked and changed to ‘women are far greater’. The hope is the strong streak of such driven and independent women taking charge and achieving such feats continues!


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