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6 Types Of People On Every Whatsapp Group Chat Ever!

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Text messages seem like an ancient term that will only be revisited in history books from now on. Oh, what days! Remember how painful it was to type out longer format messages? And don’t even get us started on receiving those messages!

But then, Whatsapp came along and changed the game forever. It is practically the most used app on our phones, and we can no longer do without it.

Of course, every good thing also has its cons… and right enough, there are certain things about Whatsapp that are annoying AF! Especially group chats. People having their own personal conversations, random messages and more, a group chat hardly ever makes sense.

But we are still part of hundreds of groups ’cause, well… we’ve got to be on top of our socialising game, no?

If you’re on a bunch of WhatsApp groups, you’ll know that every group chat has designated members with specific titles. We narrowed down the species to 6 different types and we can guarantee, you and your friends will identify with them for sure!

1. The Admin

The one who desperately tries to make plans and takes all the initiative… but in vain.

2. One-Word Wonder

The one who wants to stress on every single word. Usually the most enthusiastic of the group. Also, has a lot of free time in life.

3. Negative Nancy

Getting to commit to any plan is a task. They are so negative that their presence is hardly appreciated.

4. Emoji Addict

The one who likes to make use of the million emojis that are there and converse using smiley power!

5. Miss Random

A lost soul who doesn’t really need anyone else to have a conversation with. They can jump from one topic to another in a matter of seconds.

6. Silent Spectator

These people sleep throughout the conversation and wake up to a gazillion messages. TBH, the best kind of peeps! But don’t count on them for an opinion.

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