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5 Zodiac Signs That Make For The Best Drinking Buddies

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Drinking itself is quite fun, but if you’re paired up with a friend who doesn’t match your vibe it can definitely dilute your pleasure. And like my drinks, I like my fun to be rather extreme. So when I go drinking, I go with a few people who I know to be great drinking buddies. Their company makes the night so lit that the next day even though you’re supposed to feel tired, you really don’t. In fact, for any plan I like to go with a friend who I know will enjoy it as much as I would and one that is not just going along for the heck of it. I have a friend who is my horror movie buddy, then someone who appreciates live music as much me and so on. If you don’t have a drinking buddy yet, find one! And if you do, let them know how awesome they are. Here are 5 zodiac signs that make the best drinking buddies.


Cancerians are usually not very open with their feelings when sober. Neither are they very social. But with a few drinks in their system, you see a completely different side of them. Some drunken nights are meant for heart-to-heart talks, funny stories and lots of laughter. While others are all about letting their hair down and effortlessly socialising with everyone around. In fact, once the Punjabi numbers start, it’s really difficult to get them off the dance floor. But why would you want to since they are so cool and unpretentious while at it!


They like to be the life of any party and like to bring people closer. So they will not only make new friends at the party but also introduce their friends to them. More the merrier, right? And because they know a lot of people, you can always count on them to get you on the guestlist of some of the swankiest clubs in town.


Scorpios come equipped with sarcasm and shenanigans even when sober so you can only imagine how they’d be when drunk. They like to keep the vibe as entertaining as them. So expect them to be introducing hilarious drinking games and ordering a round of shots for everyone. They will ask you the most random questions, just so you can say some embarrassing shit and they can laugh at it. And when you make the bloopers, they will be there their phones ready to capture it for another day dedicated to embarrassing you.


The best part about having a Sagittarius as your drinking partner is that they are so spontaneous, you rarely have uneventful drunken nights. They will be up for almost anything – from drinking in a shady bar to going for a fancy wine tour with you – all planned last minute! They also tend to be at their flirtatious best when drunk, so either can go spectacularly well or lead to a disaster they will regret the next morning. Either ways, the nights will be eventful!

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Like Cancerians (fellow water sign), Pisceans too tend to put on a more outspoken personality when drunk. They will become BFFs with people they’ve just met and be the one keeping the party entertaining. How? They will be up for just about anything from shots, drinking games to doing dares they wouldn’t dare trying sober. That’s one fun drinking buddy!

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