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5 Ways You Can Make Christmas A Lot Merrier!

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Christmas is all about the joy of giving and happiness all around. Almost everyone, including me, waits for December 25 from the time December comes around. Red and green is everywhere, shops are brimming with gorgeous things, and bakeries smell positively divine. At most Christian homes, sweets are baked days in advance, with lots of quality time spent with family. That is what this festival is about — family, friends, and happy days.

But think about those who don’t have the luxury of being surrounded by family, or those who have to think a million times before buying that bar of chocolate and probably still can’t afford it. This is the perfect time to stop thinking and start doing something, yes? So this year, embody the true meaning of Christmas and give someone less privileged than you something to smile about. Trust me, you will end up earning a lot.

To help you out, these 5 ways of giving will make this Christmas the best one you’ve had yet.


1. Volunteer For A Cause

A lot of us take a few days off during this time, and out of our holidays, I think we can spend a day, if not more, doing something great. You can literally do whatever interests you, like helping a NGO plant trees or beautify the city, volunteer at a hospital, especially government ones, or you can bake and share your treats with beggars, and so on. Pick a cause and enjoy the blessings!

2. Donate A Little

I know you’ve kept money aside to buy that new dress for Christmas or NYE, or the bag that you desperately need. But take out a little amount and donate it to those who don’t even have everyday clothes. If we can afford branded goods, we shouldn’t be cranky about charity. To start with, here is a chance for you to play Santa. Click here and donate how much ever you want. This money will be used to buy basic necessities for the homeless in Mumbai.

3. Adopt A Stray

Even pets wait for this joyful season, as they get pampered the most during Christmas. This year, make another furry soul happy, but this time a stray. They are adorable and will love you just as much. Don’t buy a pet, adopt one!

4. Spend Time With Those Who Need It

As I mentioned earlier, it is all about family during Christmas, so a visit to your local orphanage or old age home is the best thing you can do. Their smiles will light up your year, for sure! Give them goodies, sing carols, take some food, and above all, give them your time and affection.

5. Take Up A Good Habit

Lastly, give yourself something more than something materialistic. Adopt a good habit that will give you peace, that will make your life better. Anything from smiling more to quitting cigarettes, whatever it is, choose something good and stick with it. It’s almost like a New Year resolution, except it’s come a few days early!


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