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5 Ways To Not End Up Hating The People You’re Quarantined With

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Co-existence, also known as the state of living or existing at the same time or in simpler terms, a millennial nightmare, is what we currently find ourselves in, in this time of the Coronavirus outbreak. A time when it feels as though we’ve come to the point of no return. Suddenly stuck with our family inside of our homes during this time of the growing Covid-19 pandemic, for what seems like an indefinite period of time, we have all been thrown into this entire thing with no floats, so we are going to have to swim.

You see, for those of us who weren’t anyway living alone, having to stay stuck in a house with your family or even partner for this long can come as quite a shock. And we say shock here because even after spending years living together, we didn’t think all it would need was to spend all of 48 hours together at a stretch for us to reconsider who we have for family and partner? Always having and enjoying the liberty of being out and about, doing our own thing, we never realise how difficult it is when its taken away from us, and the worst hit are relationships.

Parents have turned into a nagging tape that’s on loop, kids into rebels without a cause, partners seem like they’re out for blood and so it continues. Suddenly the closer we have been in with people in this quarantine, the further we have felt from them. And to make sure that the end of this virus crisis doesn’t also mean the end of certain relations at our hands, here are 5 ways to not end up hating the people you’re quarantined with!

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Brush up on the concept of personal space

We may have put ourselves under quarantine until coronavirus passes, but that doesn’t have to necessarily mean that we have to also put ourselves up in the face of the people we are living with. The key to making past this phase of house arrest is by learning to acknowledge the need and importance of giving personal space. Be it your parents, your partner or even your kid, learn to give them some time off and take some for yourself too, for nothing calms a person better than some quality me time!

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Find things to do together

Passing the time in this self isolation period can be quite tricky and exhausting without having to do much. And so, after a point, when you’re done with the obligatory small talk, the boredom is bound to bring the worst in people. Which is perhaps why, the best way around it is to find things to do together! Be it playing a game of tambola, binge watching a TV show together or even cooking together, do it as a team and see the difference!

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Divide and Conquer

One of the main reasons to get into a fight during this time is over the little things. With tempers running short, even one utensil left unwashed, or one sock left out can spark a debate you wouldn’t want to be a part of. And with the maid not coming in to help diffuse that situation, it is best to divide chores among yourself and do your bit in making it easier for everyone. Chances are, it wouldn’t just make you feel productive or pass your time, but would also make the other person feel grateful towards you and vice versa!

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Work out

Staying indoors for so long, living life on repeat and with the same faces around, is most likely to leave you as bored as is frustrated. And with all that pent up energy and nowhere to release, it is bound to come out on the person next to you. And to avoid going all cuckoo on them, and to give those emotions a healthy release, working out together is the best resolve. Be it doing some yoga, meditation or good old home exercises, doing it together won’t just make it interesting but also make you a lot less irritable.

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Be considerate and kind

It is easy to get all riled up during this phase and let your temper get the best of you, even if it comes at the cost of the other. Which is why, it is important to remember to be compassionate to other people as  you want them to be for you. Don’t forget they’re in the same position as you and could use a little niceness. A little kindness goes a long way and can make it all the more easier for you!

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