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5 Types Of Drunk Girls We Have All Been

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We have all been there, whether we’d like to admit it to our friends or not. They’ve pretty much been witness to your madness, once alcohol takes over your system. We loosen up, and do things that we may or may not remember the next morning. And that’s exactly why you and your friends end up clicking so many pictures and videos, because what if it turns into a Hangover kind of scene? Okay, maybe not because of that. But because drunk nights make for the best memories.

But it’s not like every one of us behave the same way. Are you the responsible drinker of the group? Or the one who breaks into bhangara the moment they start playing Ishq Tera Tadpave? Here are 5 types of drunk people we’ve all been at some point! And we aren’t even sorry!

1) The emotional Puppy

The thing with an emotional drunk girl, is that they burst out crying when nobody is expecting. Or wanting. People  have predicted earthquakes more successfully than this outburst. At one moment you are enjoying your second glass of vodka, and the next you are sobbing like a kid whose lunch money got stolen. At the end of it, you don’t even know why you cried a river, and neither do your friends. And at times when you’re happy, you’re throwing love you’s at people like they are free-for-all coupons! Your bestie probably has a separate album in her phone dedicated to your drunk shenanigans.

2) The violently affectionate type

So when you drink, you start feeling affectionate towards your friends. But you also feel like expressing it in not so run-of-the-mill manner. The thing is, you don’t get creative, you get violent. You will get aggressive and end up pulling your bae’s cheeks too hard, or go around slapping people out of love. That’s a thing only in drunk-people world. And each time, there’s this one person who bears the brunt of your aggressive affection. And yet, your group has never disowned you. So thank them.

3) The clinger

You are the official money plant of the group. And not because you tend to sponsor several rounds of shots in drunken enthusiasm. But you basically become a creeper! You don’t get just drunk, you get love drunk and cling to either your SO or your BFF. But it’s just a club, not kumbh ka mela – you won’t get lost! Of course, logic is lost on you. And you know how this person is so you can’t wait to tag this person.

4) The professional drinker

You’re literally the best kind of drinker ever. And it’s not like you haven’t had embarrassing nights of passing out on the floor, or spending the night on commode. But you’ve evolved and now your capacity is sky high. You know how to hold in your drink and you drink responsibly. Yet, you’re the one who lasts all night, dancing and basically being the life of the party. Your drunk friends could learn so much from you!

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5) The social butterfly

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert on a sober night. You’ll be the one who will enter the party feeling all shy, and stick to people you know. After the fourth shot of tequila, you don’t understand why everyone under the same roof as you shouldn’t be your friend. You will end up dancing with people you don’t know, make them merge with your group. You are also that person who will end up having deep one-on-one conversations with girls you don’t know, and give them relationship advice, which only you think is sound. Your friends literally have to drag you back home.


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