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5 Times The Internet Had Us Hooked And Laughing In 2018

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2018 is on its way out and we can’t help but look back at the times where the Internet had us in stitches. Unless you’ve been living under a rock,  there was bunch of crazy thrown at us this year, from memes to dancing uncles, everything went viral and we are listing here the ones that caught our and the world’s attention.  For the ones who missed a few or perhaps don’t mind indulging in the year that was, here is a recap :


Priya Prakash Varrier’s wink:

The young Malayalam actress  became the official brand ambassador of high school romance with a 15-second video that went viral. In the clip, she lets her eyes do all the talking. She’s playful and flirty and she had the entire nation sigh with nostalgia. This is what first love feels like. The wink was an instant hit and Priya Varrier became one of the most searched celebrities for the year. We’re guilty for probably half of those searches.



“Hello frands, chai pee lo”:

The chai enthusiast, Somvati Mahavar took it upon her to turn people into tea-drinkers. Everyday, she was on her phone offering us a cup of tea, and some sort of insight into her life. With this one, we aren’t even sure why an aunty’s enthusiasm to keep the nation hydrated on chai became an obsession but it did. *shrugs*  Her videos clocked numerous views followed by comical memes that kept us amused for quite some time.


The Govinda Prodigy:

The internet absolutely loved this video of an uncle dancing to a Govinda song. It became viral almost overnight and actors like Divya Dutta, Arjun Kapoor and Dia Mirza were also sharing the entertaining clip. It was great for the professor in the video too! The guy got overnight fame with news channels rallying for a bite, and an opportunity to shake a leg with the star himself. Maybe we need to up our baaraat-dance game too.


Father-Daughter duo on Girls like you:

This video of a father and daughter lip-syncing to the song Girls Like You made quick rounds on social media and for most of us, this made our maternal instincts come rushing to the fore. We wanted babies just so we could do this. Of course, the question of finding ourself a husband still stands but who cares? I mean, just look at them!


The Kiki Challenge:

Drake’s song In My Feelings was quite the talk of the town after its release, but saw most engagement after the ‘Kiki Challenge’ was introduced to public. The dance step challenge that involved getting out of a moving car and dancing. We as Indians took this to the next level, of course, doing this by jumping out of autos and trains. It was such a huge hit, this challenge, some countries banned it and many cities asked citizens to stop indulging in it.


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