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5 Times Madonna Proved She Is The Badass Feminist Icon We Need

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Madonna is a name that you associate with power, irreverence and the unsubtle art of not giving a f***. Today, as she turns 60, we look at career-defining, game-changing moments of her life that proved to us that she’s more than a singer, star or a mom. In fact, she’s the kind of person who won’t let you slot or label her. She’s bigger than that. Some might say, she’s perhaps more than her self. She’s a brand. A force to reckon with. And she does it in style. Here are 6 times that she was a feminist icon that we can’t get enough of. 

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She’s Got The Numbers

Madonna isn’t just a brand, she has the numbers to back her up. She’s sold 300 million records, has been nominated for 20 Grammy Awards and best-selling female recording artist of all time, according to the Guinness World Records. That’s some real jaw-dropping stuff right there. 

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She Says It Like It Is

If there’s one thing Madonna is not, it would be shy. The songstress has been known to pick up burning issues and feature them in her songs. Her 1986 album, True Blue, had the song Papa Don’t Preach, which talked about teenage pregnancy. Definitely ahead of its time!

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She Is Fashion Forward AF

We have Madonna to thank for what are perhaps some of the more bizarre fashion trends in the 80s. Case in point, the conical bra. This was a bra that made the breasts look, for the lack of a better word, like pyramids. But when she wore it, she owned it.
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Sexy Is Her Middle Name

Madonna is one of the original girls to really own her sexuality. From outfits to lyrics in songs, she looked like she had nothing to hide, giving us major #feministgoals. In 1992, her book Sex came out and it featured her in sexually controversial poses. 

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She’s Not Afraid Of Love

We aren’t talking about her many affairs and marriages. In 2003, she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on the lips, drawing lots of attention and putting her squarely in the middle of controversy, again. 


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