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5 Thoughts/Theories We All Had While Watching The Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser Trailer

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Rise and shine GoT fans!  The new teaser trailer for season 8 “Crypts of Winterfell” released a few hours ago. The season comes back on April 14. And to be honest, we can’t wait! So it was obvious that when the trailer came out, we watched it on loop, critically over-analyzing what each shot meant. And here are 5 thoughts that came to our minds while watching the teaser.

  1. The trailer starts with Jon Snow walking in the crypt, passing by the statue of Lyanna Stark as we hear her whisper  “You have to protect him,” in the background. This is obviously a reference to the time when she was asking Ned to guard the biggest secret of the show, right?  We also see that the feather that Robert Baratheon put in her hand during the series premier falls down on the ground in this teaser. What does that mean? Is that symbolic of a doomsday for the secret Targaeyrean? The mind is baffled.
  2. You see Arya, Sansa and Jon but Bran isn’t there. This is a Stark reunion and Bran ought to be there. Why was he not invited to the brooding family reunion? Could this mean what we think it means?
  3. The crypts holds all the statues of the fallen Starks, and towards the end as we see the three Starks standing in front of their own statues. Oh my god! This cannot, cannot be true. *controls tears*
  4. We hear Kat’s voiceover, “All this horror coming to my family because I couldn’t love a motherless child,” and then we hear Ned Stark saying “You are a Stark. You might not have my name but you have my blood.” We wonder how Sansa and Arya will take this truth about Jon Snow. Will they be okay? Horrified? Upset? I cannot deal!
  5. The trailer ends with the feather, winds and everything around going cold as ice as we can sense the Whitewalkers come in for the most brutal and final battle of the season. Who shall prevail? We, for one, simply cannot wait!

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