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5 Thoughts I Have While Going To The Grocery Store. Mostly, It’s Panic And I End Up Forgetting Things On My List

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2020 is no one’s favourite year, least of all mine. It’s a horrible crisis that we are facing but we have to stay positive and together. That is the only way we can beat this deadly virus. Well, that and a vaccine.

Here’s the thing though, all of us who are under lockdown use the weekly trip to the grocery store as an excuse to get some fresh air. Leaving the building now feels like we are leaving the country, with the police doing security checks and all. I eagerly look forward to those trips to the grocery store but at the same time, it makes me more scared of simply walking on the road and entering a shop than I ever thought I could be.

Here are five thoughts I have when I go to the grocery store. I am so sure you will be able to relate.

PS: Am I the only one who ends up using a truckload of sanitiser while grocery shopping?


  1. I look like a ninja in this mask and gloves is the first thought that comes to mind every time I look in the mirror before stepping outside my house. I know I am not invincible which is why I have to wear the mask, but it surely makes me feel like I am. Honestly, though, every time I walk to the grocery store and I see people in similar masks and gloves, the shopping scenes from Handmaid’s Tale just flash before my eyes and that freaks me out. (Side note: if you haven’t watched Handmaid’s Tale, you must.) Which is why I try and focus on the ninja thought.

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  1. Why are they out of Maggi when we need Maggi the most? I went to stock up the other day and for the first time, since that ridiculous Maggi ban (what a glorious time that was) there was no Maggi. There hasn’t been any on the shelves for the longest time and by now I have tried every single variation of the instant noodles- Yippee, Top Ramen, cup noodles and they all feel like I am cheating on a relationship. Okay, that is a signal that I am brutally single right now I have to work on that. Anyway, where is all the Maggi??? Nothing else feels right as a midnight snack in the middle of my movie marathon. Also, should I pick up all the fancy things I need to bake that cake? Nah, I am not actually going to do that.


  1. The streets look like something out a dystopian novel and it’s seriously like someone found out my worst nightmare and made it a reality. Okay, I am not being melodramatic (maybe I am) but this exactly how I pictured the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. Every time I walk to the grocery store, there not one soul in my lane. The only thing I see are policemen and people lined up outside stores. Tell me it doesn’t frighten you and I will call you a liar.

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  1. Coronavirus has changed my fears. Before I was terrified of my best friend’s driving now, I am terrified of someone coughing or sneezing around me in a store. Every time I hear a cough or sneeze all my thoughts tell me to rush out of there. It’s amazing how I can be so scared of something that I never gave a second thought to before. But in my defence, we are living in an age where a sneeze is a person’s deadliest weapon. (Well, at least I crack myself up.)

  1. Every time I am in a store, I have one eye on the door, and I keep hoping no one else comes inside. When I do see other people coming in the first thing that crosses my mind is, “shit shit shit more people coming in, whyyy?” It always ends with me leaving the store with two-three things from my list forgotten and/or ignored.

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