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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Trailer Of Baaghi 3. One Of Them Was About Shraddha’s Cameo In A Movie Where She’s The Lead

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Baaghi 3’s trailer is out guys and Tiger Shroff has us shook with his out-of-the-world performance – no seriously, with the kind of things he is doing here – there is no way he belongs to the same world as us. The movie also stars Ritesh Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor who’s role is to mainly turn up in bits where she contributes the bare minimum – in this case , she converts oxygen to carbon dioxide. There are parts of this trailer that are beyond anybody’s understanding and the action here can put the best stunt directors to shame. Some people just fly, even when they’re only in the radius of Tiger Shroff.

Here are five hilarious thoughts I had while watching the trailer and reluctantly I am asking you to watch it too. PS: leave your logic and reasoning aside before you embark on this terrible journey.

And please, don’t blame us for this eye scorcher, we didn’t make it, just asked you to watch it.


  1. This is one of the worst trailers I have ever seen and that is putting it nicely. All three and a half minutes of it feels like I am watching someone’s hallucination during an acid trip (whattey trip it must be though). Okay but seriously, this trailer raises so many questions but the main one really is, weren’t the first two movies enough? Because at this point, we can’t tell one from the other – are they going to keep Baaghi-ing us with this? How many instalments of Baaghi is too many instalments of Baaghi?
  2. I am dying to know the logic behind the opening scene. First of all, there is one wire bomb and like a dozen cars. How did Tiger think he was going to get away with blowing up just the first car?  What happens to the ones at the back? Sorry, I apologise for bringing logic into this but the mind is boggled. I love the away he is giving a power pose, pretending to be all invincible and shit while all that metal debris just passes him by. An extremely smart move on the debris’ part, it knows better than to hit him.

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3. Of course, Shraddha is like an extra in her own movie because why give the lead heroine an actual role? In the whole trailer her only job is to run and hide behind Tiger and give half bad words (seriously, who says “beep”?). Why did he even take her to Syria? It feels like if she wasn’t there, it wouldn’t make an iota of difference to the movie. The brief she might’ve got from the director is, “go to Syria and get beaten up” – that is her whole role. But hey, she is the most logical thing about this trailer and that is saying a lot.

4. Can we please take a moment and appreciate the dialogue writers of this movie? Those guys must be in possession of some seriously good stuff. Someone please explain this dialogue to me (I challenge you’ll to find the logic here) “Agar mere bhai ko kuch hua na toh kasam hamare baap ki, tumahre desh ko is duniya ke nakhsa se mita dunga.” (If anything happens to my brother, I swear on my father, I will wipe your country off the world’s map). Basically, Tiger is playing the role of God in this movie. Of course, it is possible to wipe an entire country off the world’s map, how tough can that be?

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  1. Okay now onto my absolute favourite part of this trailer, Tiger Shroff’s ultimate Ninja Hatori skills. That man has proven he can dodge three helicopters firing at him from above, stand on a helicopter, run like the wind, beat people up by just flexing his arms (seriously what was that?), break people’s bones like he is snapping a twig, beating like five people up with by just kicking, and swing sideways just by hanging onto a metal chain. Basically the whole trailer is about him beating people up, how sweet is that? And OMG did you’ll see the scene where he bashes up five people together and their bones break 10 seconds after he is done kicking them? That was…unreal. He does all that but never wears a shirt, that is curious, isn’t it? I never thought I would say this about anyone, but Salman Khan has some serious competition in the shirt-dispensing department. Also, Tiger’s abs look more contoured than Kim Kardashian’s face, so maybe he can launch products as well. That’s a great business idea.

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