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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Illegal Weapon 2.0 Dance Video From Street Dancer 3D

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I am going to say Bollywood is formulaic. You may want to argue, but you know it’s true. Take for example what you need to make a Bollywood song a smashing hit – decent beats, a catchy hook step and of course a video that leaves an impression. And, Illegal Weapon 2.0 from Street Dancer 3D, has none of those things. The beats have been picked up from the OG song, the hook step makes absolutely no sense and the video made me want to laugh and cry (just to clarify, not in a good way). Here are 5 thoughts I had while watching the newly released song, check it out…

PS: For better laughs, watch the video before reading further:


  1. Okay, first things first, why did they have to ruin a perfectly good song? The OG Illegal weapon has all the essentials of a quintessential Punjabi song- good beats and catchy lyrics. On the other hand, Illegal weapons 2.0 has the same tune and music but they have seriously messed up in the lyrics department. I mean, the lyrics just don’t seem to suit the tune. Why not just stick the OG song?!


  1. Can someone please explain to me why Shraddha Kapoor is pretending to fire a bullet from her tits in one shot during the chorus? What is going on there? Does she think she is Rajinikanth? Because he is the one that can pull that shit off.

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  1. The shot where one of the back dancers takes off Shraddha’s ripped white “top” during a step. Wait, what? Yeah, that happens. But also, let’s face it, that is not a top, I don’t really know what the point of it was, there are handkerchiefs that are bigger than that. The playing with the clothes does not end there. It happens again when Varun is doing a step where he is pretending to do kushti when some dancer dude swoops in and makes him wear a ganji that reads “Gabru”. These two steps really cracked me up, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone take off and make someone wear clothes so smoothly. Also, what is up with Varun’s pants again?

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  1. Exactly why is Shraddha pretending to push to cars while away while some dancer does a split atop them? She then strikes a pose and goes on to jump over another car making it look like she is back in a school PE class going over an obstacle course. PS: I don’t think I have ever seen anyone in any video jump, hop and do the wave step around as much as Shradha has in this video.


  1. Seriously, after watching this video and the Garmi video, I have no doubt that this movie is going to be a smashing hit. They had us cracking up in two songs just imagine what the kind of weird ground humping/ clothes removing steps the entire movie will have. So excited!

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