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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Mere Angne Mein. One Of Them Was Definitely What Is Jacqueline Fernandez Having Because We Want That

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I think it’s time we face the music and just accept that Bollywood’s music industry has been bitten by mad dogs. That is the only explanation I can think of that justifies the kind of shit they have been producing. You remember Dus Bahane 2.0 from Baaghi 3 and Honey Singh’s Loca Loca, right? Adding to that same array of horrid songs is Mere Angne Mein. Featuring Jacqueline Fernandez as the possessed princess, this five-minute (yep, it really is 5 minutes long) song will really make you question logic, reasoning and yourself. Here are five thoughts I had while watching this (kickass) video but before you go on, watch it.

PS: When you watch the video, make sure you place your brains in a safe box.


  1. I have watched that video at least five times and I have absolutely no idea what the point was. Seriously, they should’ve put like a disclaimer saying watch at your own risk to warn people of the torture that video causes to the brain. There is no head or tail to the story, did anyone understand what the connection between Mere Angne Mein, time travel and Holi is? If you are going to remix a classic song at least do justice to it. Even if you don’t do that (you should, but you don’t), why would you ruin to this level.
  2. There are three things I understood from this video- the only way you can stop your boyfriends from flirting with other girls is if you magically transport him to thousand years ago. Time travel not only transports you back but somehow gives you abs (They have really crapped all over the concept of time travel). And, back in 1435, princesses were always either drunk, high or possessed. I don’t know what Jaqueline was made to smoke, but I want some of that shit. Maybe I will get myself an enchanted clicker, go back in time and score some of the goodness, just like that guy did.

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  1. You know, I have heard a lot of bad songs and watched a lot of bad videos. But this one really takes the cake. If there was an Academy Award for the worst song, all the other songs would make way for this song to win. I mean, every part of this song makes my ears bleed and eyes pop out of my sockets. Also, why does Jaqueline go from sad to soaring high in 0.3 seconds? I am so sure that pomegranate that she applied as lipstick (because they did that back then) was laced with stash.
  2. Did you notice Jaqueline dancing? I mean, what is that clapping step or the step that looks like she broke her back? It really looks like the choreographer ran out of steps to give her. Also, I died laughing in the scene where she is pulling hookah. She looks possessed! I understand she’s drunk and all, but that hair flip was legit freakier than all of Vikram Bhatt’s movies.

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  1. The makers could’ve picked up that Holi party from any Bollywood movie and no one would be able to tell the difference. Seriously, it looks like they put more thought into that guy magically developing abs than they have into that party. It raises so many questions. To begin with who wears a white blazer to Holi? And why are all the girls on the dance floor suddenly throwing themselves at blazer dude like they’ve not seen a guy before? And that girl who touches her lips then her hands and then his lips needs to be quarantined because that is exactly how Coronavirus spreads.

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