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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Janhvi Kapoor’s Nadiyon Paar. Mainly Ki, Why Must Bollywood Mess With Classic Songs?

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Do you remember the birthday parties we used to have as children? The 90s and early 200s music, pav bhaji, musical chairs, potato wafers and of course return gifts. Every one of those had a standard playlist consisting of songs that we still hold very dear. This is why when some new hot-shot Bollywood movie decides to remix that song, it pinches too close to home. This is exactly what happened when I first heard Janhvi Kapoor’s Nadiyon Paar from Roohi.

While I almost can’t wait to watch the movie, the video for Nadiyon Paar is more than I can take. From the concept to the lyrics to her super gold dress shining in our eyes, nothing is in sync. But hey, if it were, my article wouldn’t have much content, would it? So here we have it, my thoughts on Nadiyon Paar from Roohi. Enjoy!

1. Every time a new song from a Bollywood movie is released, I get anxious. Why are they ruining classic songs? There’s hardly any originality left in the music industry and whatever little is, is unbearable. Nadiyon Paar is a remake of Let the Music Play which is a classic early 2000s song. The Bollywood music industry desperately needs to up its game. Have they just given up on creativity?

2. Look, I get it. Janhavi Kapoor is a great dancer but what are these steps? At some point, she is doing karate chops at the screen incessantly and at another, she is caressing herself quite uncomfortably. We were looking for a thirst trap and we ended up getting weird TikTok video material.

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3. Okay, answer me this. What is the connection between mummies, blood, the dance steps and the lyrics of the song? Don’t waste your time, there is none. The whole thing is more disconnected than me in Zoom meetings. But well at least the mummies behind her are wearing masks and being safe. That’s why they’re there, right?

4. I genuinely thought we were over Bollywood item numbers but well looky here. It’s not only a little unwoke but also a tad dated. Bas now! Not to mention, all the item numbers are kind of merging. They all look essentially the same. Why must we be subjected to that? Let’s move on, it’s high time now.

5. Overall, the song is decent but I think we will stick to Let The Music Play by Shamur. Anyway, unlike me, whose occupation hazard it is, if you can avoid watching this video please do.

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