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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Dus Bahane Karke From Baaghi 3. Mainly, Why Is Shraddha Kapoor Only In Swimsuits In The Snow?

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If you thought the trailer for Baaghi 3 was bad, this song will really blow your mind. Dus Bahaane 2.0 is anther remix with really dance steps (if you can call them that) about two people who seem to have forgotten to put on clothes that morning. Okay jokes apart, it is a terrible song with an even worse video but since we love you so much, we are asking you to watch it. How else are you going to follow and laugh at my thoughts?

First of all, can we talk about the need to butcher songs that aren’t even that old? Are we so out of ideas?

PS: Keep an eye out for the scene where Shraddha is rolling around and stretching in the snow. That scene made me want question my entire existence and my inability to pull of something like that.

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  1. Here’s presenting yet another shitty remix of a really catchy song. This song features Tiger Shroff who seems to have lost his shirt and Shraddha Kapoor who just seems, well, lost. No guys honestly, Tiger’s abs have gotten more attention in one single frame than Shraddha has in the whole song! But after what we saw of Shraddha in trailer (which was not a lot), this was expected. The first half of the song is just Tiger lip-syncing near the camera, fully in focus, while Shraddha plays with her hair, much like a commercial for shampoo, in the background. She’s blurry, so we are’t even sure it’s her. It could be anyone at this point. Any woman at all.  What else is the heroine there for anyway in a movie like this, right?
  2. What the hell is this sudden obsession of dancing on the airport tarmac? You know a movie is going to be bad if it is following in the footsteps of Street Dancer 3D. Actually, what is with all those locations? Bollywood is known to shoot songs in different locations, each more exotic than the next with zero question about believability but, this is more confusing than anything. And if Tiger did not stand on helicopters enough in the trailer, this song has them doing the hook step on the wing of one. Well, chop chop Tiger, we guess.

  1. The scenes on the snow- first of all, why did they not decide to give Shraddha enough clothes to avoid hypothermia? I’m pretty sure killing your film’s lead (or prop) is illegal.  At some point, it looks like Shraddha’s breasts have a tree growing out of them. What even? Yeah, we did a double take too. You will find proof of this 1:10 into this song. Also, I have to ask how cold do think Tiger Shroff’s ass was in the scene he is lying on the snow with Shraddha on top of him? If there was thing like bum freeze, we bet he had it.
  2. You know, I have heard that our industry is doing a lot of cost cutting now-a-days and with the economy where it is, who can blame them? But this is the first time it feels like the costing department on a movie has cut down on clothes for their lead actors to fit their budget. Seriously, both of them are barely wearing any clothes. I mean, I understand Tiger has abs (yay contouring!), but do they have to be out on display in every single frame?
    It really feels like they couldn’t afford shirts for him by the end of it. Or maybe his shirt flew off while he was standing on a helicopter because that is so realistic. And Shraddha looks like she has been made to wear swimming costumes throughout the song. All the leftover fabrics they had, they stitched together as outfits for her in this song and paired all of them with thigh-high boots. Someone needs to tell them actual clothes aren’t that expensive.

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  1. If you would skip to 3:46th minute of this song, you will see my absolute favourite thing about it. Shraddha doing the baby shark step while wearing a swimsuit with fringes (because why not?) in the snow. Am I the only one that sang “baby shark do do do do” in the split second she did that?

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