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5 Thoughtful Gift Boxes For Every Kind Of Bride

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Apart from figuring out what to wear at your BFF’s wedding, another thing that we all end up stressing about is “What to give her as a present?” Resorting to a gift card or an envelope full of purple notes is the laziest thing one can do. We all know our best friends well enough to know what she wants and without giving it a second thought based on her personality. The best part is you don’t have to run around in various directions figuring out what to give her, many brands are now making it easy for you with all kinds of  boxes for every kind of person.. Here are 5 amazing gifts that you can get for your bestie based on the type of person she is.

Dots And Doodles – Journal & Stationery Bundle (Rs 1,999)

1. Stationery Lover

We all know that one person who is ends up buying a truckload cute stationery products only because they are cute. If this is your best friend, then here is a perfect box that comes with envelopes, gift tags and a journal. She can doodle away!

Singer – Popcorn Maker (Rs 1,089)

2. Movie Buff

If your bestie can quote any movie dialogue during every conversation that you have with her, then equip her with this popcorn maker to set her up for success for those times that she can’t go to a theatre and has to resort to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Kama Ayurveda – Umang Box Of Love (Rs 1,795)

3. Beauty Obsessed

If you’ve a friend who books an impulse salon appointment to get her nails done or to have her hair blow dried, then it is a sign. She loves her beauty products and all things beauty. This Kama Ayurveda box is perfect for your beauty-obssessed friend who loves pampering herself and indulging in luxurious products.

Decathlon – Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Rs 1,999)

4. Fitness Enthusiast

If your friend can’t live a day without going to the gym, then you know for a fact that she is a fitness enthusiast. Regardless of the way she looks, working out maintains her sanity and keeps her positive all time every day. This is a perfect gift for her to cancel out all the negativity, and focus on her fitness game with these wireless earphones.

Bare Necessities – Happiness Gift Bundle (Rs 2,000)

5. Eco-Friendly Bride

Saving the environment is on a lot of people’s agenda. If your friend is the one who is always trying to protect the environment by using eco-friendly products or not using plastic products in her daily routine, then this gift is perfect for her.


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