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5 Stylish YouTubers You Must Follow Now!

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YouTube is our go-to. From what is trending in music, to Bollywood, to fashion – everything is available at just a click. From simple DIYs to getting to know about places all around the globe by following up with travel bloggers, YouTube is a safe, convenient and fun way to stay plugged in. And here are 5 YouTubers that top our charts:

  1. Scherezade Shroff

    The bubbly blogger starts her videos with a delightful “Hi Guys.” Sherry has taken over the internet with her cool and well-curated content on everything fashion and beauty!

    YouTube –

  2. Sejal Kumar

    This young girl from SRCC, started out as a fashion enthusiast and now has a following of more than 9,00,000 followers on YouTube. Her content is easy and uber-fashionable. Effortless and oh-so-stylish, Sejal’s videos have to be seen to be believed.

    YouTube –

  3. Dolly Singh

    This creative prodigy is all the buzz on YouTube right now. Her videos on lifestyle, fashion and beauty are filled with her great sense of humour. Her content revolves around our daily struggles as women and leaves us with quite a few solutions that are both – lighthearted and stylish.

    YouTube –

  4. Larissa Dsa

    This gorgeous, talented V-logger is about all things sugar and spice. Her travel vlogs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also give us major motivation to go on a trip. She makes her videos crisp and cracking with flattering content, and some affordable styling tips that always come handy!

    YouTube –

  5. Roshni Bhatia

    A woman who wears a lot of hats – from being a mother, to a fashion blogger, a YouTuber – has her own fashion and beauty YouTube channel that we love. She covers upcoming trends, fashionable looks and a lot of content about how to take care of your skin and body! What we love? She does her videos in both Hindi and English.

    YouTube –


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