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5 Stretching Routines That Will Energise You Better Than Coffee

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We’re all so dependent on coffee to wake up, I can’t even start my workout without a few big gulps. And sometimes, even after that, I still feel like I’m half asleep. But what if I told you that stretching could energise you better than coffee can? Plus, it will kickstart your morning workout, even if it’s just a quick one!

Check out 5 awesome stretching routines that will change your mornings for good.

1. 5-Minute Morning Stretch

This 5-minute morning stretch by Soh will wake you up and energise you! Wake up, brush your teeth, drink a glass of water, and get started. Or try doing it straight out of bed. Time to roll over and stretch.

2. Morning Yoga

Morning yoga is just the best feeling! It wakes you up super slow and gently. So, it’s a transition, instead of a shock to the body. Promote that healthy flow.

3. Wake Up With Blogilates!

Feeling sluggish in the morning… especially on those winter mornings? Don’t worry, you can do this in your PJs. Wake your muscles up with this easy stretch.

4. Yoga In Bed

O-M-G! Does it get easier than this? Nope, it does not! You can do this right from bed. So wake up, turn on your phone, load Youtube, and off you go!

5. K’s Perfect Fitness

Let K show you how to rise and shine the right way. With these stretches every morning, you’ll never say you woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Plus, they’ll boost your metabolism before you consume any food.


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