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5 Signs That You Are In A Desperate Need Of A Wardrobe Makeover

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Out of the million things that keep me up at night, one that haunts me incessantly and is often the reason for most of my nervous breakdowns and post-bath meltdowns, is the looming question of ‘what to wear’, every single day. Never having ever felt so threatened by a life-decision, as when the moment to decide what to put on comes nearer, I find myself acting rather skittish and feeling very unsettled with the thought of once again putting myself through the third degree but of the fashion kind, as I struggle to make sense of my overflowing wardrobe.

What once used to be the most favourite part of my day, and was the source of all the motivation I ever needed to open my eyes and get ready and drag my tired body to work, is now a dreaded activity. As long as I had a new pair of boots to try on or an opportunity to twirl around in my dress that I bought with half my rent money, I was good to go. Except, off late, I don’t remember the last time I walked up to my closet and didn’t find myself swimming in the pool of my tears and exasperation from looking at a million clothes but yet not having even one good enough to do the job for the events of the day. And after much deliberation, days of turning up like a rag doll and an ultimatum from my angry mother, I finally sat down to realise that the real reason behind this dilemma was in fact that I was in need of a wardrobe makeover, but had been simply turning a blind eye to the signs!

And if you too, have found yourself dealing with the same morning crisis, chances are you too are in need for a desperate change of wardrobe and here are 5 signs that hint at the same…

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Your bottoms have holes in them

One of the biggest giveaways of the fact that your wardrobe is now practically begging for a change, is when you pull out any jeans, trousers or even tracks for that matter and find it not without at least one irreversible hole in the crotch, or you know, in multiple places. Because when that happens, you know it’s time to throw out the holed up clothes (pun intended), and replace them with ones that aren’t ripped at the seams or give away the colour of your underwear.

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Your LBD has made more appearances in the past year than the next door socialite

Having repeated that same ol’ Little Black Dress on every major function or event or party, chances are that you’re in need for some serious revamping when you’ve been snapped in the same dress for enough number of times that now the dress is known by your name. If it’s being called ‘Sadhika’s LBD’ even when someone else is wearing it, yeah, that needs to go.

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You can’t get to match your clothes anymore

The most fun part of styling myself in the morning for me used to be the bit where I would mix and match my bottoms with some quirky or fun tops and blouses and put together a look that would be both – beautiful and eccentric. And so, it is when you constantly find yourself struggle to match those pair blue jeans with almost anything at all in your cupboard, that you realise you may need to stock up on some new styles and old classics!

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You’ve changed sizes but not your clothes

This is one of the most easiest yet ignored tell of a weepy wardrobe, when you’ve considerably changed sizes over the past year but are still somehow managing to fit yourself into your old sized clothes, and at times making do with getting by altering it so many times that even the tailor has started dodging your call now. Chances are you’ve exhausted all scope to get it tighter or make it more loose and must desperately consider giving it up for new and better fit clothes!

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You have a separate pile of clothes you don’t ever touch

Yes, that sale seemed tempting, yes, it offered you crazy discounts on things you didn’t need and yes you got enticed to buy them all with your credit card. So what? So what that now they just perch on the upper cabinets of your wardrobe, close enough to look at but far enough to not touch, because let’s face it, is not your style. And that is perhaps another compelling tale as to when you really need to consider replacing those impulse purchases with something that has more functional and more your taste!

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