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5 Reasons You’ve Not Been Sleeping Well During The Lockdown And How To Fix It

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Last year, around the same time I lost my sleep like nobody’s business. I was sad and stressed and sleep didn’t come easy. This went on for quite a few months. It was just November – December last year that I had begun to sleep well. I was healing and happy. My anxiety had finally left me. But that didn’t last long because here I am, up every single night doing absolutely useless things.  

I don’t even have to try to deprive myself of sleep because I am working from home and it kinda takes care of it. Yet, I stay awake going way too deeper in the sleep debt. Like every other sleepless person, I too spend a lot of time scrolling on Instagram and it turns out I am not alone. I keep coming across memes and posts of people saying how they’ve not been able to sleep well since the lockdown happened. And believe me, it’s quite reasonable. If you too have been a night owl lately, read on.  

1) You’re not physically tired  

Now I may not have been going to the gym I signed up for anyway, at least I wasn’t a vegetable. I did take walk breaks at work and went for belly dance classes during the weekend. Right now, there’s barely a difference between me and Munna Bhai’s Anand Bhai, except that his reason to stay on bed is legit. Soon, my parents will start referring to me as “subject”. If you too have been a couch potato, your body is not burning any energy which is why at night you’re still wide awake.  

Fix it: Include a quick home workout in your regime – whether you like to do yoga or just simply dance!


2) You’re stressed and anxious  

The vibe is really tensed everywhere. Everyone is talking about coronavirus and deaths. You have death at the back of your mind all the time, even if you’re expecting to survive this summer. We are stressed because we don’t know how to deal with this and for how many more days we will have to stay home. Anxiety keeps your brain active and stops you from sleeping well. Sleep deprivation in turn elevates the level of cortisol, the stress hormone in your body. It’s a vicious cycle! 

Fix it: Read our guide on how to keep calm during this lockdown period. 

3) Your mind is in holiday mode  

We’ve been working all this while and staying at home means it is holiday time. So you go all out and make up for all that content you couldn’t consume earlier. You’re binge-watching Netflix, talking endlessly on calls, playing games and staying up all night! But that used to be just for the weekend earlier and you have no clue how to handle a weekend that extends at least 21 days. Your mind doesn’t want to miss out on all that fun but hey guess what’s really fun? Sleeping is!  

Fix it: Make a schedule of your day. End all these activities that stimulate your brain at least an hour before sleep time.  

4) You’re consuming a heavy dinner at night  

People consume a heavy breakfast so they can remain energetic throughout the day. For what reason are you having a heavy dinner? Did you burn a lot of calories during the day? Yes, if having your butt planted on the couch could do that. Having a refill of energy keeps you from sleeping.  

Fix it: Have a light and early dinner. Avoid sugar before bedtime and coffee at least six hours before it.  

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5) You’re lonely 

This social distancing business has us all feeling a bit lonely because we are away from our friends and romantic interests. We have the same faces we see every day at home and just how much attention can the same set of people give you, right? According to a research by the University of Chicago, loneliness and sleeplessness might be connected. People who feel lonely sleep lesser than those who don’t.  

Fix it: Being happy alone is not a skill you can achieve overnight but you can work on it. Speak to your people over call and video call but don’t become dependent on them. Find other activities that can keep you busy and content without having any company.  

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