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5 Reasons Neha Dhupia Is #MommyGoals

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It’s Neha Dhupia’s birthday today, and we are all excited because, well, birthdays excite us and she’s a mommy-to-be. Now the versatile actress has faced a lot of flak for hiding a pregnancy, which she revealed just before she walked the Lakme Fashion Week ramp with hubby, Angad Bedi. Apparently, we are all supposed to have a say in how and when people have babies. And it’s completely cool for us to be indignant about the pregnancy, because it has come only 3 months into the marriage. How dare they exercise such agency over their bodies and choosing when to have a family? Crazy!

Well, to hell with the drama! Here’s why we think Neha Dhupia would be a great momma.

1. She’s Cool As A Cucumber

Neha doesn’t care what you think about her, her choices and her life. She’s living it her way. So, she got married when she wanted and she announced it on social media flipping the bird to everyone who wants her to conform.

2. She’s Giving Us Body Goals

Just like she has no hoots to give about society, she doesn’t care about what people have to say about her body. That’s a momma who’s got your back! Plus, you can’t deny that she looked like a million bucks on the ramp even at 8 months pregnant!

3. She’s Quite The Traveller

While there’s probably some merit in formal education, given her love for travel, Neha will probably whisk her child off to exotic places, and there’s no better learning than that!

4. She Makes Her Own Rules

Neha’s not the one to follow the herd. She forges ahead and makes her own path. Her choice of roles is example. Who wouldn’t want that in a mom?

5. She Knows How To Have Fun!

If there’s one thing you can definitely say for her, it’s that she likes having fun. Her smile is infectious. A mommy who’s fun? Isn’t that perfect?


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