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5 Reasons I Decided To Work On My Cooking During The Lockdown And No! It’s Not Because I’m A Woman

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The first week of this lockdown was all fun and games (literally). Maybe because it was because we were all still motivated, energetic and naïve to believe that this would all die down in 20 days. Now it’s been over a month and this lockdown has started to feel like an endless loop.

I quickly realized that the only way to beat this lockdown and still keep my sanity was if I developed a few hobbies that didn’t involve me staring at a screen all day long. So I decided to take up cooking and I might not have gotten very far but I have been enjoying myself thoroughly. And hey, at the end of the day that’s all that matters right?

Here’s why I decided to work on my cooking skills.

It’s A Survival Skill

If there is anything this lockdown has taught me, it’s how to not depend on others for your basic amenities like food. Can you imagine living alone at a time like this without your cook and with zero knowledge on how to even boil water (exaggeration, but you get my point)? That’s is tough and that is why I am learning how to cook so I never have to blindly depend on my cook again. Which I will but hey when push comes to shove and my cook leaves me again, at least I won’t starve to death.

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It’s Amazing To Watch A Dish Come Together

This might be a little weird but there is a blend of satisfaction and pleasure I feel when I cook a dish that turns out to be (nearly) perfect. Maybe this is because I have watched a lot of Masterchef Australia but I love everything about the cooking process. From preparation to plating, just watching all the colours and taste combine is amazing. However. the only things I have served up till now has been toast and white sauce pasta. But that’s how I imagine it will feel when I make more complicated dishes, right?

I Wanted To Know What’s It’s Like To Not Only Be Able To Serve Burnt Toast

I always watched my mother and my cook come out with these great-looking, delicious meals and wondered how she managed to not burn the whole thing like I consistently do. I mean, I have made some serious blunders in the kitchen. And that led to my decision of wanting to perfect the art so I wouldn’t have to serve people my former speciality- burnt toast and over-brewed chai. Just FYI, I did manage to accomplish my goal and I have to say it was totally worth it.

I Wanted To Cook; It Has Nothing To Do With Women Needing To Know How To

Every time I tell people I am interested in cooking they say some really sexist things like ‘it’s good you’re learning otherwise how will you manage your house in the future?’ (or something to that effect). And you can’t argue with them. I tried and failed because when I told them I haven’t even thought that far they gave all the, “you’re so naïve” look. So, I just wanted to clarify that me learning how to cook during this lockdown has nothing to do with the fact that we are expected to know how to cook. It is about me actually wanting to learn the skill, why is that so difficult to fathom? Gender stereotypes have never gotten us anywhere and they aren’t about to start now.

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Trying Out New Recipes Is So Exciting

Have you ever felt this burst of happiness when you find a recipe you know you want to try out? Just last week I found this amazing recipe for banana pancakes with chocolate chips which I plan on making this Sunday. Last week I made caramel custard and even though I burnt the caramel sauce the first time, on the second attempt it was perfect. Looking for new recipes are also a great way to keep yourself occupied during these times.

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