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5 Reasons I Am Really Enjoying Cleaning My House During This Lockdown

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This lockdown has made it very simple for us to just give in and laze around the house. And as much fun as “relaxing” is, at some point, it gets very old and monotonous. You realise that just because it feels like time has stopped doesn’t mean it actually has, life is still passing by as you lay in that bean bag all day.

I think it’s time to Carpe Diem this lockdown and that is exactly what I have been doing. Every day my mother and I make an agenda of what we have to clean out and it has helped me cope with the situation so much.

Here are 5 reasons I am really enjoying organising and cleaning my house this lockdown.

Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane Has Been Fun

Usually cleaning is 10% clearing and sorting drawers and 80% being fascinated by the things you never knew existed in that drawer. For instance, just the other day I cleaned out my junk drawer (you know the drawer that is used to store all the things we don’t know what to do with) and I found a bunch of my baby pictures. I was so excited that I spent nearly two hours sorting through those albums and reminiscing. It’s always fun to find things you never knew existed and take a walk down memory lane. Since that is the only kind of walk we will be able to take for a while.

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I Am Enjoying Throwing Out Junk A Little Too Much

My mother would kill me if she ever read this, but she is a borderline hoarder. She hates getting rid of things and will store even the most irrelevant thing she has. So, you can only imagine the pleasure I take in throwing out things that no one is ever going to use again. For eg. I threw out kindergarten worksheets just yesterday (23 years later). Yep, I had a little too much fun going all Marie Kondo on my storage areas.

My Wardrobe Has Never Looked Cleaner And It’s Giving Me This Weird Sense Of Satisfaction

This weekend, I finally took on the task and emptied out my wardrobe. I spent all day folding and sorting clothes. Some I am going to donate others my mother will make house rags out of (because well, Indian mother). Now, when I look at my cupboard all neatly stacked up and perfectly organised, I get a weird sense of satisfaction. I think I lowkey understand what Monica was talking about now.


Scrubbing My Kitchen Counters Is Like Free Therapy

My mother and I spent half the weekend cleaning the kitchen. We cleaned from the kitchen tiles to the walls, including all the cabinets and platforms (Man, I had the best nap afterwards). While I was scrubbing the kitchen counters I realised that it was most calm I had felt since this lockdown has begun. That was because my focus was completely on cleaning that platform and not on the threat that is looming over our heads. Cleaning really is like getting free therapy, which I think at least I will need after this lockdown is lifted.

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Cleaning Makes Me Feel Like I Have Accomplished Something

This lockdown has made it very easy for us to sit around and do nothing. And for the most part, that is what I have done and then I got sick of it, so I decided to get productive. The main reason I am enjoying cleaning around the house right now is because it makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something through my day rather than just being useless. It gives me a sense of productivity and I love that, don’t you?

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