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5 Hacks To Make Your Periods Less Painful!

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PMS is a bitch… there are no two ways about it. Trust me, we know how painful menstrual cramps can get. We are a workplace full of women at Hauterfly HQ, and when it’s that time of the month, hell pretty much freezes over.

Think of your period as that unwanted guest you know is coming, but shows up at the worst time possible. And when it does, you are still left shocked. No matter how many painkillers you pop, there’s just no getting rid of that gnarly feeling that lingers for a week. While Santa’s little helpers can help, sometimes they just aren’t enough.

That’s when curling up in a ball or spending most of your time in the toilet seems like the ideal option. Unfortunately, when you have somewhere to be, it’s not very feasible. For times like that making do with whatever is around to make you feel better is the best option. So here are 5 period hacks, tried and tested by the #HauteSquad, that will help you relax those cramps and make you feel a little less like Grumpy Cat.


PMS Hacks_Hauterfly

1. Get A Hot Water Bottle

This will change your life. Warmth is your best friend when you’re on your period, so invest in a hot water bottle and place it on your lower abdomen whenever the cramps get painful. You have no clue how much this relieves that burning pain that travels across your back and stomach.


PMS Hacks_Hauterfly

2. Hydrate and stay away from salts

I know this an annoying rehashed hack that works for pretty much everything, but drinking loads of water and staying hydrated is key to keeping sane during your period. Since you are losing fluids, you will need to replenish them. As for salts, it will make you retain too much water, and unless you want that bloating to stick around, leave them aside on those days.


PMS Hacks_Hauterfly

3. Also keep away from caffeine

Even though caffeine might seem like your BFF, it isn’t. It actually elevates your PMS symptoms and increases your levels of estrogen. If you’re someone who needs coffee in your life, then stick to half a cup for the entire day… it will be a task no doubt, but it will relieve the pain.


PMS Hacks_Hauterfly

4. Orgasm! Orgasm! Orgasm!

Keep your sex life active during that time of the month — weirdly orgasms are a way to reduce the pain. When you are sexy under the sheets, your uterus contracts when you’re climaxing, causing an increase in blood flow and chemicals that trick the brain into feeling happy.


PMS Hacks_Hauterfly

5. Exercise

It is a known fact that exercising kills the discomfort that settles in your nether regions. It basically releases endorphins and provides a natural high, causing that uncomfortable feeling to subside. Yoga is one way to go, aerobics is another!


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