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5 Love Lessons Our Favorite Bollywood Couples Taught Us!

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I, along with many others, have grown up watching Bollywood movies as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult. Safe to say, I watch a lot of it. So clearly, when we talk about love, my definition of it stems out of the latest SRK movie and nothing seems complete without violins in the background and rose petals in the air. And while all that perfection looks real good on screen, the off-screen romances run a bit differently. And these real-life Bollywood couples have taught us just as much off-screen as they have in our favourite sappy movies.

Deepika And Ranveer

Lesson: It’s Going To Be Worth The Wait

The couple taught us it is okay to wait, and that it will be worth it. Ranveer Singh was head-over-heels in love with Deepika for the longest time. But he stood by her like a rock, giving her time to process her feelings, supporting her through the highs and lows of her career, being there for her basically . In fact, his constant adoration and declaration of his love was what finally made Deepika say yes to marriage.

Saif And Kareena

Lesson: You Do You When It Comes To Family

This power couple is always in the news. Kareena spotted anywhere is a reason to celebrate and their son Taimur already has a following that’s almost cult-ish. But what they teach us is little to do with their popularity and more to do with how seamlessly they have eased into their family dynamic. Their age difference, the relationships with their exes, their children or step-children aren’t a bone of contention and this just proves that love will power through the most difficult circumstances.

Virat And Anushka

Lesson: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How To Love

Possibly the most adorable couple in the industry, Virat and Anushka are a manifestation of the journey of love may not be a bed of roses and that if you are in the public eye, it’s going to be difficult but don’t let that come in the way. From the times when people blamed Anushka when India lost matches and Virat wouldn’t have it and came to her defense,  to the time when they split altogether, the two have managed to endure whatever kinds of lemons life and some angry fans threw at them.

Ayushmann And Tahira

Lesson: Love Transcends Tough Times

An epitome of love, strength and victory, these two have time and again reinstated our faith in love and more importantly, marriage. Having gone through the hardest times where Tahira was diagnosed with cancer, Ayushmann and Tahira have emerged stronger! Their support and chemistry with each other literally makes our heart melt.

Shahrukh Khan And Gauri

Lesson: True Love Lasts

Had to save the best for the last. The Power couple, that has been admirably standing the test of time truly makes us want to fall in love. They have been together for 27 long years, standing by each other’s sides through thick and thin, looking glamorous AF and most importantly – still looking crazy in love.


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