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5 Instagram Comics That Are Relatable And Hilarious!

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Instagram is an insanely addictive platform. Given that our thumbs get the most intense workouts in the morning or just before you hit the bed, Instagram, we must admit is the place for mindless scrolling. And while it’s amazing to feel inadequate watching all those beauty tutorials and fashion inspo posts, it’s also the place for a little wit and humour to add our daily routine. These 5 comics will have you in stitches with every read.

1. Doodledrama

This page by the cartoonist and illustrator Mounica Tata is a delight. It covers everything from a woman’s cat problems to her awkward life situations, and serves it in a comic strip with cute illustrations and lots of humour!

2. Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza’s page will definitely make you chuckle with the most quirky, adorable and almost relatable comic strips that she puts up. Covering up all the dilemmas and real life situations in a girl’s life, her page is a must visit.

3. Happy Fluff Comics

A comic series by illustrator Akshara Ashok, this page covers the life and struggles of a millennial woman and presents it in a witty and amusing manner. This is where we go to get our daily dose of  giggle-inducing scrolling.

4. Sarahandersoncomics

Sarah Anderson’s silly yet hilarious comics have taken Instagram by a storm. She manages to touch upon a variety of topics and comes up with comic strips with sometimes cynical, sometimes sarcastic overtones, invariably making us chuckle.

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5. Brownpaperbagcomics

An Indian webcomic series by a design student Shailesh Gopalan, this series revolves around the life of an Indian teenager, Kabir and takes us on an amusing ride. This comic take us though Kabir’s parent troubles, girl troubles and, well whatever troubles him otherwise, and turns it into a giggling affair that has us addicted.


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