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5 Hilarious Things That Happen On Work Video Calls. You Will Relate

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Do you know why a caged bird sings? I realised why, quite recently. Coronavirus had taken on the world like Hulk bashed the life out of Loki. The entire world is staying in and within no time, with no warning, our lives changed. But here’s the thing about humans – we are known to adapt! Of course, some of us are really stubborn to change and take really long. But if you have a good flight or fight response, you will do anything you can to adapt to the shift in situations. Maybe after you’re done being in denial.

Right before we were given work from home, it didn’t seem that different. We were going to work, still interacting with people and leading a normal life. Cut to today, we are working from home and trying to be as normal as we can. I know this is tough but we are the silver lining crew and we find ways to entertain ourselves. Our daily meetings that we do through video conferencing is one such method we use to laugh a little. Wait, you thought work meetings would be serious?

That one person who looks like a cat is taking selfies

If you’re really lucky, you will get to see their eyes and cheeks in one frame. If it’s your unlucky day, be ready to have a full-fledged conversation with their ceiling fan. At this point, I can recognise our social media executive and the goofiest nuthead’s fan and nostrils in a lineup. I don’t know how I feel about that.

When people are just silhouettes

Thank God we know each other really well. Because when we are on a video call, only like two people max are visible. Everyone else is so blurry that at some point even if one person falls asleep, we won’t even be able to tell.

Or everybody looks their ugliest best

When we worked out of office, all of us used to come dressed up and with makeup on. Now none of us except our editor bothers to tidy up. Rest of us are just braless bitches in worn out clothes and feral hair. If you can have meetings looking like that, you know you have come closer.

When someone accidentally switches the mic off

We are millennials; I don’t know how we are so technologically challenged. I mean, we watch all the Marvel movies and act like Iron Man just offered us an apprenticeship. How do you switch your mic off accidentally and continue to talk while others look at your delusion in disbelief? I really want to know because in a group video call, this is always me!

Meanwhile someone has network so bad you wonder if they are from Vodafone

This person will gaslight you and try to convince you that it’s your network that sucks. You realise that it’s them, not you. You hear their sentences in bits and pieces. All you keep saying is “what” a thousand times until you just give up and act like you heard them. Not like it’s Modi’s 8pm speech. Their network makes you feel apocalypse is near.

When multiple people are talking and you hear nothing

There are so many parallel conversations going on in the virtual meeting, you feel like dialling up Arnab Goswami to come and chair the conflicting discussions. At least one person will just be staring at everyone trying to figure if there’s any conversation they can join. But some people say getting into Harvard is easier.

No one can really just can’t stick to the point

We started off with trying to discuss the editorial plan but somehow ended up fangirling over a colleague’s pet. Before you know it, all of us are baby-talking to a screen because fuck work, we have a doggo to love!

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When it’s been half an hour of video conferencing and you realise you still have to discuss work

After wasting a considerable amount of time in discussing our life in quarantine, we realise that this doesn’t qualify as a work meeting. By the time we start discussing about something remotely professional, at least one person has already left. And of course, we get distracted again by one colleague’s doggo and another colleague’s nostrils, both equally intriguing and hairy.

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