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5 Healthy Snacks (Chakna) To Keep You Full When You’re Going To Be Drinking A Lot

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Fun fact: Alcohol doesn’t only damage your liver, brain, and heart. It also damages your waistline and hips. We know this, but then what are we expected to do on the weekend? Not drink? Yes, that’s an option but we are not taking it, okay? But I was thinking we must do something right? Strike some sort of balance. The solution I came up with was to cut down calories from our chakna. I mean, instead of having a bowl of fries or that packet of fried crisps you could order a plate of peanuts or diet chakri. It will get the job done without leaving you full of guilt.  So, I curated a list of all the healthy chaknas you could indulge in to ensure you avoid empty calories while still keeping yourself full.



Chana or less popularly called black chickpeas, are hands down the healthiest chakna you can munch on. Of course, that isn’t the reason they are readily served everywhere. But you should know that they are a powerhouse protein and help regulate your blood sugar. So what the alcohol depletes, chana will make up for. Not to mention, they keep you full for a long period of time so you will not get excessively drunk.

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Though a salad might not be your first choice, you should consider switching out that plate of fried chakri with a plate full of tomatoes, cucumbers carrots and maybe beet. Veggie sticks are obviously healthier and despite the horrible rep they have, they don’t taste that bad either. You could sprinkle a little chaat masala on it to give it a little zest. This also saves you from all those unnecessary empty calories. You will get enough of that from alcohol anyway.


Peanuts are pretty much standard chakna that you will get at any bar. Of course, a dive bar will give it to you for free with your drink but at a fancy-ass place you end up paying Rs 500 for a bowl of peanuts (This really bothers me sometimes). Anyway, though peanuts are extremely high in calories, they have other nutrients like iron and potassium and of course protein to cover up for it all. The key with peanuts is moderation, you can have a bowl with all your drinks. Do not have like five bowls of peanuts in one night.

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If you have never had popcorn with your drinks, you are really missing out. It is healthy, filling and you won’t be cheating on your diet either (even if you aren’t on one, it is the healthier option). Popcorn barely has any calories, it is rich in fibre and the best part? It is super easy for your body to digest. So when you are inebriated, it will not cause chaos in your stomach. It stands to reason that buttered, salted or flavoured popcorn makes it a tad bit unhealthier. But even then, it is a better option than French fries or nachos.

Hummus and Diet Pita

Hummus and pita are for when you’ve not eaten beforehand. The only thing worse for your body than stuffing it with fried food is drinking on an empty stomach. That is when hummus and baked pita comes to the rescue. We all know how finger-licking good a bowl of hummus can be, but since it is made from chickpeas it is also quite healthy. I won’t say it is the healthiest thing on the menu, but it is healthier than a big bowl of pasta or even a pizza.

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