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5 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Still Not On Instagram. How Do We Stalk Them?

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My entire life is basically on Instagram. You see, it is important for us millennials to display every aspect of our life. Though I have a handle, it’s kind quiet and used only as a means to stalk other people and laugh at memes! I won’t disagree though, that Instagram has really changed Bollywood’s scene. Earlier, it was only through movies and newspaper clippings that we were able to catch up with our favourite celebs. But now, thanks to social media we get to see what they are up to in real-time. Though some of our Bollywood divas refuse to concede to the growing fad that is Instagram. They want to keep their private life, private. And while we respect that we can only hope something will change their minds. After all, Jenifer Aniston joined super late but she is already slaying it, so much so that she literally broke the app for a while. We can only wonder how Instagram will react if any of these celebs finally decide to hop on board. Check out the round-up of Indian actresses who aren’t on Instagram yet! PS: We had to resort to fan pages to source for their images (duh!)

1.Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan is undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s most celebrated divas. Though she always filled in about the ongoings of the industry and all its gossip, she refuses to succumb to the social media pressure. Earlier in an interview, she spoke about her refusal to join Instagram saying she is very private about her life. She also said that despite her not being on social media her entire life is and she likes it that way. Though if you want to catch a sneak peek into her life, a few months ago her team opened an account for her that account is not handled by Kareena. The handle is @kareenakapoorkhan and is fully managed by her team. We do hope that she changes her mind and joins Instagram sooner rather than later!

2.Rani Mukhurjee

Rani Mukhurjee has never been on Instagram despite multiple fake profiles and pictures of her and her daughter Adira. Last year, Rani revealed that she did not want three-year-old Adira to grow up in the spotlight. She said that she did not want Adira to get unwanted attention so that she could have a normal childhood. We are assuming this might be the reason she is not on Instagram herself. Anyway, she’s an intensely private person, so I guess this was expected.

3.Kangana Ranaut

Though Kangana herself is not on Instagram, she has an account that is managed by her team. That account gives you a peek into her life. A few years ago, in a press meet, Kangana stated that the reason she isn’t on social media is that as an artist she already gives out so much to the world. Hence, she feels some of it must be kept to herself. Though we agree with her, we also hope she makes a personal account soon.


Though she has multiple fan accounts, the veteran actress Rekha is not on Instagram. Now you must be wondering why she is on the list? She is here because one, we want to see more of her, she is still one of the most beautiful actresses we have. And two, her counterparts like Neena Gupta have a strong social media presence.  So, why isn’t one of India evergreen beauties on Instagram?

5.Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia, another one of Bollywood’s most dynamic veteran actresses is sadly not on social media. Her daughter, on the other hand, Twinkle Khanna is killing it with her social media game. We only wish she can convince her mum to join Instagram so we can know what Dimple Kapadia is upto these days!

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