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5 BFF Tattoos That Take Friendship Goals To The Next Level

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You’ve sat through really bad movies, boyfriend troubles, social media stalking sessions, and long phone conversations about so much, and then nothing at all. If this is you and your BFF, maybe it’s time to make it official. To put it out there for the world to see. We’re talking more than just pictures of the both of you together. We are saying take the leap, and get inked!

We put together 5 tattoo ideas for you and your BFF that are artistic, classy and may tempt you to get many more.

The Yin Yang Tattoos

Can she complete your sentences? Is she the one person who is logical when you are completely emotional? Can she fill in the gaps without you saying a word? Then, this yin yang tattoo, the two parts of a whole, is perfect for you. Complementary and incomplete without each other. That’s so you.

The Star And Moon Tattoos

You are complete contrasts. She’s wild, you are quiet. She’s loves road trips, you prefer flights. She loves the bad boys, you like the nerds. But for some crazy reason, you get along like a house on fire. Go for the star and moon tattoo, each wonderful in their own right but also needing the other to enhance it.

The Heart and Infinity Tattoo

When you’ve made it through childhood scrapes and teenage tantrums, you know you really are BFFs. You’ve stuck around through thick and thin; now get yourselves a minimalist tattoo, featuring the heart, infinity and promise to stay.

You Make Me Whole Tattoos

Get this tattoo when you know your BFF is your soul sister. A broken heart that needs the both of you to make sense. There’s always going to be a part of her with you! Long distance BFFs, this one of for you.

Partner In Fun

Whether you’ve grown up together or have gotten closer over time, you know that you’ll never stop having fun when she’s around. While you’ll bond over many things, if you’ve a character or a line you particularly love, how about getting that as a tattoo? Ask her to be the butter to your bread!


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