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5 Amazing Things Love Does To Your Body

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Love is feeling that is known to heal invisible wounds whether it depression, anxiety, or self-doubt. It can fill you up, make you feel like and make you glow. And while this may sound far-fetched, love can change our bodies . You may end up looking frail during depression or looking extra bubbly when you’re in love. Here are 5 things love does to your body that you wouldn’t have ever noticed. But then if you pay attention, you realise, you are better off being the apple of someone’s eye.

1. It is a natural pain killer

Every time you get a tight hug from your loved ones, you instantly feel all the pain vanish away. It’s a real thing, not just a placebo effect.  When somebody gives you a long hug (0-20 seconds), a chemical called oxycontin releases in your body which helps reduce physical pain naturally.

2. Helps you beat insomnia

Sleepless nights thanks to endless chats are a real thing but love could also help you get your zzzs. You no longer need to scroll through your Instagram feed for hours on end. Being in love may bring down your cortisol levels leading to better, deeper sleep.

3. It empowers your mind

Love fills your mind up with positive energy and helps beat depression. Love is a magical potion that enables your mind to solve psychological problems, that even medical treatments can fail to do. So you may be blind in love but at least you are smarter.

4. It helps you stay active

Your body releases happy hormones when you’re in love! It results in feeling true happiness from within which will make you do several tasks without feeling tired or lethargic, even to the point where you could stay awake the whole night with your loved one. Hello productivity!

5. It enables your body to fight illness

Whether it is a tight hug, holding hands, or even cuddling, all forms of physical contact increases the endorphin levels in your body which enhances your immune system. Who needs to go to a doctor when you have bae right in front of you?!


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