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44 Men Sexually Assaulted A 17-Year-Old Girl From Kerala Over A Span Of 5 Years. Why Isn’t Women’s Safety A Priority?

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Here’s what I don’t understand. How are people more outraged about Saif Ali Khan’s Tandav supposedly insulting Hinduism than they are about the numerous rapes that are coming to light from all parts of our country? What are these nonsensical priorities? There isn’t one state in our country that can be deemed safe for women. So maybe instead of wasting time trying to censor shows and rename fruits (Gujarat govt’s new past time), the outrage should be directed towards ensuring the Kerala girl who was sexually abused by 44 men in the last 5 years, gets justice. It’s a nightmarish ordeal. 

A 17-year-old girl hailing from Kerala’s Malappuram district was raped by numerous men over the last 5 years. Preliminary investigations have found that at least 44 men have sexually assaulted her. 32 cases have been registered against them. 

The victim comes from an “extremely vulnerable family and social background”. She has been rescued three times and was shifted the Nirbhaya short stay home in 2016. The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) released her and sent her back to her family based on reports from the District Child Protection Unit. However, it was found that after her release from the Nirbhaya short stay home, the authorities did not formulate an individualised plan for her nor did they appoint a person to follow up on her rehabilitation. 

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These multiple sexual assaults came to light when the police were investigating a missing person report filed by her family. Once she was located, the police offered her counselling sessions with the CWC. It was there that she revealed the hellish ordeal that she had been through. Following her revelations, the Kerala police registered 29 sexual assault cases. They are now probing various angles including the possibility that the girl was sold. 

According to reports, the girl was first abused by a man in Thiruvananthapuram in 2016 when she was merely 13-years-old. She was then rescued but sent back to her family. She was then sexually assaulted by other men in 2017 and rescued by the CWC yet again. 

In her statement, the girl mentions 15 incidents including multiple sexual assaults. She was then sent to a home and months later, another statement was taken from here. This time, she talked about 12 more molestation and rape incidents. 

Social activist P Geeta has criticized the CWC for being so negligent. She said, “CWC has the responsibility of looking after POCSO cases but many times they do not take these cases seriously. In this case, the CWC has sent the child back to her home without ensuring the safety of the girl. They repeatedly did that which made way for such incidents happen repeatedly.” 

Hopefully, she will get justice. It’s high time our government prioritizes women safety and takes adequate measures to curb these surging sexual assaults.

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