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3 Fun Fitness Regimes To Ditch Your Gym For

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After a guilt-free month of binge eating and drinking whatever our hearts and stomachs desires, it’s time to pull up those socks and lose those all that holiday weight that is dragging you down. January marks the month of fitness, which I know us lazy ones fail to acknowledge…but hey, if you NEED to get fit, this is your excuse to get started. We’ve all awww’d and oooo’d at ‘fitstagram’ posts, but few of us have actually taken the initiative to even attempt it. The main purpose of fitness month isn’t just there to get you looking slimmer — leading a healthier lifestyle is far more important. When the huffing, puffing, and panting begins just after climbing 2 flights of stairs, it’s your body’s way of saying ‘yep…it’s time to build up that stamina’.

As much as I’d like to advise you to join the gym, in today’s fascinating world of possibilities, there are a whole lot of fun options to help you get fitter. And if you already have a gym membership…well I wish you well because you ARE going to have a Ross and Chandler moment when you’re trying to quit. So, for all you people who get bored easily by the basic methods of fitness, here are 3 other regimes to get on board with this January.



This ballet-inspired workout is the perfect way to tone your body, targeting mainly your core, arms, legs, and butt. Although it takes some of its basic moves from the dance form, a barre class is pretty different from a dance workout. It is not only a great workout, but also improves your posture and flexibility.

Where: The Pilates Studio, Mumbai





An interesting form of Yoga, this technique is based around aerial fitness. Giving you a full-body workout, this is essentially traditional Yoga with a twist. It looks daunting as you pull into Spiderman position; however, it is fun way of increasing your core strength and improving your flexibility. Swing away!

Where: Delhi Rock, Delhi





Pole training is dance in its purest fitness element! A blend of cardio, strength training, and flexibility, pole training helps you build your core and stamina over time, eventually toning your muscles, making your body adapt to every detailed movement and wave.

Where: The Tribe, Bangalore




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