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250 Women From Madhya Pradesh Cut Through A Hill For 18 Months To Resolve The Water Crisis In Their Village. Who Said Women Can’t Do Everything?

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The fact is, a woman can do everything a man can. However, for centuries this patriarchal society has told us we are the weaker sex and hence must live in the shadow of our male guardians. People have only started opening their eyes to the fact that it’s a lie now. And every day we come across an incident that proves womenkind is just as strong and capable. Maybe more. Like this story of how 250 women set out to cut through a hill to solve a water crisis in their village Angrotha. It’s truly empowering. 

I have always believed in the proverb, where there’s a will there’s a way. This story is a testament to it. In the village of Angrotha in Madhya Pradesh, there was a horrible water crisis. People weren’t able to grow anything in their fields and even their livestock was suffering. Seeing no other hope of getting any water, 250 women from the village set out to resolve the pressing problem. 

For 18 months continuously they dug a channel through a hill that was acting as a barrier between them and dress flowing water which was on the other side. A local woman, Babita Rajput told a news agency that these women formed a group and decided to cut the hill about half a kilometre to make way for the water to reach them. 

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She said, “We have been working for over 18 months to channel into the village, the water that used to freely flow in the forest and thus could not be used. So, the women in the village formed a group and it was decided to cut the hill to a length of about half kilometres and make way for the water to fall into a pond in the village.” 

When they didn’t see any other way, they took matters into their own hands and managed to accomplish their mission. In a village like Angrotha, where livelihood had come to a standstill, this was much-needed. Cutting through a hill for 18 months continuously to provide water for an entire village is a herculean task. They deserve recognition for their work. 

Another local woman who helped on this project said, “We are doing this for ourselves as there is water shortage here. We are unable to farm and our livestock was also suffering. About 250 women dig a way for water to flow into the pond in our village. It took us about 18 months to complete this work.” 

Their strength and determination are commendable. More power to them! 

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