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21 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Make (And Save) More Money!

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The 1st of every month finds me resolving to save my pay cheque for that iPhone X I want to buy. *thinks I can finally do this*
But 5 days into the month, I am half way through my savings account. And the task just seems more impossible that it did the previous month!

Well, recently I’ve learnt that the key is to start small and not to get discouraged along the way. After all, it’s the little things you do that count… big time! Why wait to save Rs 10,000? Start with Rs 100, and see how it all adds up.

Whether you want to save more money, or even make some on the side, here are 21 things you can do daily to grow that bank balance! Try them, and thank us later!

1. You know the change you get from your cabbie after a ride? Get a piggy bank, and drop all of it in there.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised and how much you save at the end of the month!

2. Get savvy with coupons when buying groceries or ordering food online. Whether you’re ordering a chocolate donut from Swiggy, or booking an Uber, check for a code or coupon that can be applied. No better feeling than getting a discount on the MRP!

3. Think of time as money, and don’t waste a ridiculous amount of time waiting for the best deal. If you find one that you think is worth it, go for it. Otherwise, you might just lose out on a great bargain!

4. Don’t shop without a list. Make one and STICK TO IT! This way you won’t end up buying a ton of groceries and other thingamajigs you just don’t need!

5. Never go shopping on an empty stomach, trust me you will definitely stock up on that Nutella ’cause hunger.

6. Set realistic goals when it comes to saving money. Let’s face it; you’re never going to quit eating out completely. So instead of setting yourself the goal of not eating out at all in the next month, set a more manageable goal of letting yourself eat out only once a week.

7. When you’re looking to experiment with a new style trend, take to the streets! You’d much rather not wear (in case you don’t like it) a cheap top you picked off Colaba Causeway or Hill Road than Zara or Vero Moda, don’t you think?

8. On a different note, if you are going to wear a black basic t-shirt twice a week, invest in a good quality one from your favourite high street brand. It will last way longer than a road-side steal!

10. Give up drinking alcohol outside. You’d rather buy your own bottle of wine than pay Rs 600 for a glass at a fancy pub. Trust me, that weekly drink can burn a mean hole in your pocket.

11. If you are really trying to save, remember touching up your hair colour can be an expensive affair. Dye your hair back to its natural colour, so you don’t have to go broke!

12. Skip the drinks – aerated or otherwise – when you go out to eat, and make water your drink of choice. If you must, ask for a wedge of lime to flavour your drink. It will save you a pretty penny in the long run.

13. Only buy items you use very often, in bulk. For instance, toilet rolls, bath soap, detergent etc. For everything else, stick to small quantities. Otherwise they could go bad, and turn your savings into a ton of waste!

14. Try cooking something interesting over the weekend. It’s a great way to relax and unwind, without pouring your money down the drain on weekend entertainment.

15. Choose quality over quantity. A quality pair of shoes can last you 10 years, while cheap ones will have to be replaced often.

16. If you use your phone excessively, visit your operator and find a plan that works best for your kind of usage. The alternative is to go the pre-paid way. You’ll curtail your usage ’cause you won’t want to recharge each time. Plus, pre-paid plans are often better.

18. Instead of cleaning out your closet and giving everything away, why not try a DIY with and old T-shirt or a pair of jeans? You’ll be revamping your wardrobe, saving yourself a trip to the mall, and a few grand.

19. Exercise regularly, because staying healthy means fewer doctor’s bills.

20. Have a ton of stuff you’ve cleaned out of your closet? Sell them online, and make some money. OLX and Quikr are great for selling books, old electronics, and even apparel.

21. No one likes those late payment fees. So, set reminders and make sure you pay your bills on time. In fact, you might even earn money for paying them real quick! No kidding.

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