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20-Year-Old Sudeeksha, The Daughter Of A Tea Seller, Secured A Scholarship To Study In The US. Her Life Was Cut Short By An Eve Teaser

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Call me cynical or a realist, but in my experience tragedies are easier to come by when you’re a woman in a world as patriarchal as ours. All we have to do is be born a female, and the rest would follow suit, either coming at us in way of harassments, gender based crime or sometimes even death. I can say this because being a woman in India no less, I too have had more than my share of experiences of the downside of being born a girl, be it as little as not being picked over a guy in a job or as hurtful as being harassed on the road by a few eve teasers. As is what is said to have happened with a 20 year old girl from Uttar Pradesh, moments before she lost her life in a road accident.

Sudeeksha Bhati, the 20-year-old from Uttar Pradesh who scored the top marks in class 12th in her district back in 2018, to  further earn a scholarship to one of the prestigious schoools in US recently lost her life to a tragic road accident in UP’s Bulandshahr, after an alleged case of harassment.

Touted to be one of the brilliant minds, considering she cracked her way to the Babson College in Massachusetts  through a scholarship after topping the CBSE 12th humanities stream, Sudeeksha had returned back to India during the spread of the coronavirus and was expected to move back to US in August. On the day of the accident, she was riding on a bike with her uncle, on her way to collect some academic documents from a school, when the incident took place.

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One of the family members said, “There were two men on the other bike. They were passing comments on her and were driving recklessly.” Meanwhile, the uncle who was present during the incident shared, “”When we crossed the Bulandshahr town, we entered a village. A bike then overtook us several times; the biker was driving recklessly. He then started performing stunts. I slowed my motorcycle but the other bike hit ours. We both fell but my niece suffered head injuries. I could not recognise the driver of the other bike and he escaped shortly after we met with the accident.”

It is yet not sure if the story truly checks out about the alleged harassment, but if it were to be true, sadly we wouldn’t be surprised. Eve teasing, an occurrence as common as the rising and setting of the sun, has plagued the womankind for years now. Not realising how men aren’t just mentally torturing women by passing obscene comments but also bringing a physical danger to their lives, it is disheartening to see that the cost of the misdeeds of a few miscreants had to be paid by a bright girl who had her life ahead of her.

Following the incident, several people took to twitter to share their distaste for the happening and started trending #JusticeForSudeeksha on the micro blogging site, Twitter.

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