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20 Real-Life STRUGGLES Every Girl Will Relate To Perfectly!

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As I write this post, I must tell you that narrowing the list down to 20 things WAS also quite a struggle. I could go on and on about the universal struggles every girl will relate to, and I know you’ll nod your head in approval too. Like when your hair gets tangled to the bridge of your sunglasses every single time you place it on the top of your head. Or the times when you’re on your periods and you have to carefully strategise how to secretly remove a sanitary napkin from your bag without anyone noticing. Even the times when you’ve applied some lipstick and the goddamn thing makes its way to your teeth like “this is where I belong!”. So many struggles, just one life. Sigh. But look at how we slay one day after another!

So here goes: Grab a bag of chips and have a hearty laugh. No matter which part of the world you’re in, if you’re reading this I’m sure you’ll be like, “Hell yeah! I’ve done this!” Virtual high-five, girl!

1. The daily morning dilemma of staring into a wardrobe full of clothes and thinking: “What do I wear today?”


2. When you’ve managed to save that one last hair-tie like it’s the most precious thing left on god’s sweet earth.


3. Going Click! Click! Click! a hundred times before you finally get ONE perfect selfie. #ThankGodThatsOver #MustUpload #PicOfTheDay #Blessed


4. Getting home at the end of a long day and taking off that goddamn bra instantly because that, my friend, is what freedom feels like!


5. When you’re on your period and your bestie cracks the funniest joke you’ve heard in years. (Or you suddenly sneeze your lungs out.)


6. Taking screenshots of all the conversations the boyfriend has with you in the “warzone” phase of the relationship, then sending it to the girl gang so that you can collectively take the poor guy down together. Finally texting him the perfect response to which the doofus replies: “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” WHY, GOD WHY?!


7. On a mission to slay a YouTube make-up tutorial that ends up looking something like THIS…


8. When you have food cravings during your period and you start with a double choco-chip cookie. Before you know it, you’re done with the entire jar, plus a chocolate mousse cake, some chocolate croissants… and then headed to eating up the entire village that baked the goodies.


9. When you’ve successfully managed to adjust your bra strap in public without a soul noticing. Message to self: “Well done.”


10. That moment when your boyfriend/partner texts you those golden words: “I miss you so much! Will be home in an hour.”


11. Trying to paint your nails like…


12. That moment when you’re standing in a queue and someone accidentally elbows you in the boobs.


13. Hitting the shower after a hectic party only to realise you forgot to remove your make-up. 


14. Even the “I can’t stand her one bit!” girl becomes a friend when she’s the only one you can turn to and ask: “Can you please check if I’ve stained?”


15. When you’ve got makeup on and people go: “Who are you trying to impress?” And then there are days when you have no makeup on and you hear: “Why do you look so pale?”


16.  When the right eyeliner refuses to match the left one. Or vice versa.


17. On Day One of your period, when someone gives you the universally unwanted advice, “Calm the fuck down!”


18. That love-hate relationship between your lipgloss and your hair.


19. When you’re on a date and the guy asks you questions like, “Can you cook?” or “You can drive, huh?!”


20. When the world and its mother turns to you and says: “Will you stop being unladylike?”


Happy Women’s Day, sistahs! Never change. Keep slaying!


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