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19-Year-Old Indore Girl Stabbed Herself, Filed A False Kidnapping And Gang-Rape Complaint Against 5 Men

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Ever wondered why such a large number of rapes in our country go unreported? The answer is very simple actually. You see, when a woman approaches the police to report a rape case, she is dragged through the mud. The police ask her overly invasive and insensitive questions and make her repeat every gory detail of the ordeal over and over again. It’s shameful and traumatizing, to say the least. Now, after knowing what women are put through, we can all agree that especially with the surging number of rape cases, women should not do anything to jeopardize whatever little our word is worth, right? Turns out, a lot of women don’t understand this. For instance, a 19-year-old girl from Indore stabbed herself and registered a false gangrape complaint against 5 men. It’s sickening.

On Tuesday, a 19-year-old college girl from Indore claimed that 5 men kidnapped, gang-raped and then stabbed her. However, after preliminary investigations, the Indore police found that her allegations were “inconsistent” and “baseless”. Further probe even revealed that the stab wounds were self-inflicted. This girl really went to great lengths to prove she was raped. The police have filed a case against her.

However, the reason she orchestrated this entire thing is still unknown. Although the police told NDTV that the girl and the prime accused were in love and used to live in the same locality in Indore.

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On Tuesday night, she told the police that she was kidnapped by two men and then gang-raped by them and three more people. She claimed that she was then stabbed, stuffed in a jute bag and thrown on the railway track. However, she managed to break free and reached the MY Hospital in Indore.

As the police probed further into her story, they found it to be falsified. Indore IG Harinarayan Chari Mishra told the media, “The footage of more than 150 CCTVs were checked and scientific evidence along the railway tracks from Pardeshipura to Banganga was collected during the probe. The police found that the claims made by the girl were baseless and inconsistent.”

You know, when you do what I do, you start to understand just how horrifying and evil the entire concept of rape is. Although, I have to say, lying about being raped is equally worse. And this girl deserves severe punishment. Her elaborate web of lies has made it tougher for other women, who have actually been raped, to be believed. Some woman somewhere is being denied justice because instead of catching the accused, the police are too busy wondering if she is lying or not. Like this college-going girl was. She is being asked more invasive questions and her character is being further assassinated. And while all this is happening, the accused will have escaped. Also, it’s terrifying that a young, 19-year-old girl actually thought and executed a plan like this one.

False rape charges can be very damaging!

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